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Viscera Cleanup Detail currently has a total of 71 Steam achievements to unlock (across all DLCs). 46 in the base game; 10 from House of Horror DLC; 13 from Santa's Rampage DLC; 2 from Shadow Warrior DLC.

Viscera Cleanup Detail Achievements Edit

Image Achievement Description Notes/Tips

Big Banger Burnout

Tame the uncontrollable fury of the Big Banger by incinerating it Edit

Bins? Limbs!

Suffer the wrath of the Bin machine 75 times Edit

Blaze of Glory

Incinerate 2000 items Edit
Blood Soaked
Spill 100 dirty buckets Edit
Buckets spilled inside the incinerator don't make a mess. Edit
Bloody Hell!
Mop up 10,000 splats Edit
Bring the Thunder
Take the Big Banger Supernova out of Unearthly Excavation and into another work-site and turn it on Edit
The Big Banger Supernova doesn't fit inside the Janitor's Trunk, but it can be placed on top of it for the same results. Edit
Chew on This!
Throw 100 items into sand traps Edit
Fill several bins with small objects and drop them into the pit monster. If it regurgitates the bin, most of the items will fall back in. Edit
Clean Freak
Cleanup your own personal Office by removing any Trash, Viscera and Blood; excluding trophies, then leave Edit
Any items brought back from other levels are considered trophies. Edit
Fry 500 items with the plasma welder Edit
Employee of the Month
Get the Employee of the Month reward for your office Edit
Obtain a score of 100% or higher. Edit
Employee of the Year
Receive 12 Employee of the Month awards Edit
First Aid
Restock a total of 50 medkits over your cleaning career by punching out of levels with medkits Edit
Head Hunter
Collect a head from each species in cleaned levels and take them to your office Edit
There are 5 heads in total: human, standard brown mutant (Frostbite, Waste Disposal and Evil Science), Paintenance Tunnels blue mutant, Hydroponic Hell green mutant, and the Cryogenesis "toothy" alien. Edit
Identity Theft
Steal 30 or more Personal Identification Devices (P.I.Ds) from cleaned levels and take them to your office Edit
Many large levels contain well over 30 PIDs, such as Unearthly Excavation or Revolutionary Robotics. Edit
Master of the Beats
Turn off the Big Banger while it's playing loudly in zero-gravity during a Solo game Edit
The game's master volume (in options) affects the Big Banger's shaking. If the achievement does not seem to unlock, try setting both the radio and the master volume to max. Edit
To negate some of the shaking, the radio can be "jammed" into corners or under parts of machines, such as the Slosh-O-Matic. Edit
Need A Hand?
Receive a total of 100 helping hands from the Slosh-O-Matic Edit
They must be arms/hands, not just any viscera. Edit
The Nose Knows
Use the Sniffer for a total of 2 hours Edit
Simply turn on the Sniffer and leave the game running for 2 hours. Edit
Track over 20,000 footprints Edit
Walking over blood and other messes causes the player to track footprints for a short time. The amount of footprints made varies depending on the size of the mess that was stepped into. Edit
Plague Bearer
Transfer a Goo-Jar to another work-site and infect something Edit
Players can transfer items to other levels via the Janitor's Trunk. Smash the Alien Virus Canister on any body or static object in a level to "infect" it. Edit
Spring Fresh
Clean any map adequately Edit
Small maps such as Athena's Wrath or many of the "legacy" levels can be cleaned quickly. Edit
Top Brass
Pick up 800 casings Edit
Any casing is counted for this, even if it has been previously picked up. This means the player can theoretically pick up and drop the same casing 800 times. Edit
Speedrun a map with at least %25 par time to spare Edit
Athena's Wrath is one of the easiest levels for this, due to a simple small layout and general lack of mess. Edit
Who's For Dinner?
Get eaten Edit
Jump/fall into one of the Pit Monsters in Unearthly Excavation. Edit
You're Fired!
Get fired! Edit
Punch out without cleaning, or clean just enough to get a final score of 70% or less. Edit

Level Completion Achievements

These unlock at a punch out score of 95% or higher. Edit
The Mops of Wrath
Complete Athena's Wrath Level Edit
Complete Caduceus Level Edit
Ice-Cold Cleana
Complete Cryogenesis Level Edit
Surgical Sweeper
Complete Evil Science Level Edit
Louis and Clean
Complete Gravity Drive Level Edit
Cold Storage
Complete Frostbite Level Edit
Pine Fresh
Complete Hydroponic Hell Level Edit
Complete Overgrowth Level Edit
Deep-Sea Dry-Cleaning
Complete Paintenance Level Edit
Brushed Steel
Complete Revolutionary Robotics Level Edit
Complete Unearthly Excavation Level Edit
Complete Unrefinery Level Edit
Operation Brownwash
Complete Waste Disposal Level Edit
Biomassive Breakdown
Complete Incubation Emergency Level Edit
One Mop To Rule Them All
Complete All major Official Levels Edit
This does not include "legacy" levels, such as Splatter Station, Section 8, Rust-Station East, and Zero-G Therapy. It only counts the levels which have their own achievements. Edit
Multiplayer Achievements
Blow up a fellow worker Edit
Pass The Torch
Take a lit flare from a fellow Janitor Edit
"Secret" Achievements
Bob's Legacy
Find Bob Edit
"Red Keycard"
Unlock Bob's super secret secret stash room Edit
This achievement is directly linked to finding Bob. Edit
Find all the hidden painted eggs and return them to your office Edit
There are only three, but they are hidden well. Each in different levels. Edit
Keep It Secret, Keep It Safe
Find all the unique and hidden collectibles and return them to your office Edit
There are 13 in total, but 4 of them (including the Red Keycard) only become accessible after finding Bob. Edit

House of Horror DLC Achievements Edit

Image Achievement Description Notes/Tips
House of Horror
Clean the entire House of Horror level Edit
Lost in Space and Time
Get consumed by an inter-dimensional crack in space-time Edit
Walk into the portal in the basement of the log cabin. (You will be killed.) Edit
Back From Whence It Came
Destroy the Bad Banger Edit
Throw the Bad Banger into the Woodchipper, portal, or cabin fireplace. The radio can also be destroyed with tools like the Laser Welder, which can be brought via the Janitor's Trunk. Edit
Not Quite A Lumberjack
Destroy 200 items in the woodchipper Edit
Bad Dreams on Helm Street
Collect the clawed glove and return it to your office Edit
In one of the second floor rooms. Edit
Collect the white mask and butcher knife and return them to your office Edit
In the garage. Edit
Never Put It On
Collect the ring and return it to your office Edit
Found next to a body by the iron gate. Edit
The Shimmering
Collect the axe and return it to your office Edit
Stuck in the bathroom door on the second floor. Edit
Thursday the 12th
Collect the mask and machete and return them to your office Edit
The machete is stuck in a tree in the first wooded area (next to the iron gate) with the mask hanging off of it. Edit
Wicked Unliving
Collect the chainsaw, boomstick, cursed hand and the evil book and return them to your office Edit
The gun and hand are in the cabin (the hand is behind a crate on the bookshelf), the chainsaw is in the cabin cellar, and the book is on the underground altar. Edit

Santa's Rampage DLC Achievements Edit

Image Achievement Description Notes/Tips
Bloody Incompetent
Prove your incompetence by leaving a worse mess and clock off Edit
Cover part of the level in blood using a dirty mop or by dropping viscera, then punch out. "Painting" a full wall or two should be enough. This can be paired with "Thunder Candle", since the player's death makes a large mess. Edit
Cleanliness is Godliness
Completely clean all mess in Santa's Workshop and clock off Edit
Christmas Crisis Corrected
Completely clean Santa's Workshop without breaking any Christmas items and clock off Edit
The only real "breakable" Christmas items in the level are the hanging ball ornaments. The glass bottles of whiskey are considered trash, so breaking/burning them is not penalized. Edit
Sanitized Earth
Completely clean all mess and destroy every Christmas item in Santa's Workshop and clock off Edit
"Christmas items" include ball ornaments, present boxes, cloth dolls, figurines, toy guns, Santa hats, and Rudolf's nose. To be safe, the player can simply burn everything in the level they can pick up (such as stools & lanterns). Edit
The Day the Funk Died
Bring about the sad meeting of Ice-Cold Banger to fire Edit
Place the Ice-Cold Banger in the fireplace and leave it until it disappears. Edit
Trivia: The Ice-Cold Banger was formerly known as "The Funk Ninja", with a different icon and the description "Bring about the sad meeting of Funk Ninja to fire". Edit
Santa Hats Must Die!
Incinerate 50 Santa hats, the symbol of everything you hate Edit
There are 6 hats in total. As a "shortcut", one can gather all 6 hats, save, burn the hats, clock out, reload the save, and repeat until the counter hits 50. It is not 100% reliable however, due to lag in Steam's progress syncing. When the player dies, a hat is included in the resulting viscera. Edit
Thunder Candle
Requisition a new replacement janitor through the use of TNT Edit
Ignite some TNT (or throw it in the fireplace) and stand close to it. Edit
Tower of Babel
Build a stack of 10 stools Edit
Stools must be stacked one on top of another in a straight line. "Pyramid" style towers will not count. Stools can be easily stacked from the top of the balcony. Edit
"Collectible" Achievements
Head Hunter
Collect elf heads in your Janitor's Trunk, you freakin' psycho! Edit
There are 7 completely severed elf heads throughout the level. Edit
The Red Nose Knows
Collect the iconic reindeer nose in your Janitor's Trunk Edit
The nose can be found in the stable, under a pile of hay in the last stall on the right. (Prior to merging DLCs, the title was "The Nose Knows".) Edit
Rooks Kept
Collect the different Rooks Keep figurines in your Janitor's Trunk Edit
There are 4 different types, with several of each scattered throughout the level. Only one of each is required. Edit
Ballistic Weaponry
Collect the different Ballistic Weapons toys in your Janitor's Trunk Edit
There are 6 different types, with several of each scattered throughout the level. Only one of each is required. Edit
St. Nick's Boomstick
Collect Santa's shotgun in your Janitor's Trunk Edit
The shotgun can be found in the right corner of Santa's office (if standing in the doorway), behind a wooden filing cabinet. Edit

Shadow Warrior DLC Achievements Edit

Image Achievement Description Notes/Tips
Sanitary Supremacy
Completely clean the entire temple and punch out Edit
Mr. Two Million Dollars
Punch out with all cash in the trunk Edit

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