Ammunition Casings also called shells, spent rounds or brass are a type of item found in all level of Viscera Cleanup Detail

Description Edit

Ammunition casings are spent ammo casings likely used by either personnel on site in an attempt to defend themselves or military forces that neutralized threats at the location before the player arrived to clean up the aftermath.

Pistol casing Edit

20170425192052 1
Spent ammo from pistol type weapons. These seem to often be standard issue for scientists and are often found near their corpses.

Rifle casing Edit

Spent ammo from rifles. They are very commonly used by military forces.

20170425192356 1

Shotgun casing Edit

20170425181634 1
Spent shells from shotguns. Less common than rifle casings.

Notes Edit

All ammunition casings must be cleaned up to obtain a perfect score in a level.

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