The BitterMan 500 with its current screensaver

The BitterMan 500 Computer (or simply the BitterMan) is a computer appearing only in the Office of Viscera Cleanup Detail.

The BitterMan appears as a beige box with flat edges, and a fairly large screen at the front. The "shell" of the computer is branded in many places with the BitterMan logo, a lemon with a chunk taken out of it, parodying the Apple logo. There is no keyboard, but the player can move a cursor around its screen similarly to that of the PDA and Punchomatic.

By default, the BitterMan's screen shows a "screensaver" of falling neon green text, an homage to the movie The Matrix. The player can "click" on the screen with the hands selected, which will open the JaniTOSS Workstation main menu.

Office Desk

The old BitterMan 500 model

Prior to the 1.0 release of Viscera Cleanup Detail, the BitterMan 500 was a non-interactive item which served little purpose during gameplay, and had a different world model. It featured a gray box with a beige shell, and a flickering pink screen at the front, similar to the computers found in Revolutionary Robotics.
Bitterman from Behind

The original BitterMan 500 model as viewed from behind.

JaniTOSS Workstation Edit

The player may interact with the Bitterman 500 through what is known as the JaniTOSS Workstation. It functions somewhat like a regular computer, in that there are folders and files the player can access, although none can be edited. The main folders contain many other files and folders to browse through. Some contain pictures, screenshots from the game, or text files. Other folders or files are "deleted" or otherwise inaccessible. For more information and to view the file system tree, see the JaniTOSS Workstation page.



The advertisement for the BitterMan 500 Computer.

Any vendor in the game has a small chance of dispensing a paper advertisement for one of several machines and objects, including the BitterMan 500 Computer.

According to the advertisement, the company manufacturing the BitterMan is known as Lemon Computers, (parodying the brand "Apple Inc") and that the BitterMan 500 Computer was to utilize a "C-3PO core", (a reference to the droid, C-3PO, from the Star Wars series).

The ad text reads as follows:

"Lemon Computers

The new Bitterman 500 computer!

With a new retro design, it's sure to take you back a couple centuries.

What's inside however, is anything but dated! Using the new C-3PO core, the 500 will rival most other Series-G computers!

For an extra *9.99, you can get the "Lemon Squeeze" memory optimization software included!"

Tips and Trivia Edit

If the player accidentally destroys or tosses the BitterMan down the garbage chute, there are three ways to get it back:

  1. Reset the Office, either via the main menu or deleting the office.sav file.
  2. Open the Developer Console (~) and enter "Summon VisceraGameContent.VCDebris_JanitorConsole".
  3. Play a new or existing custom Steam Workshop level with the Punchomatic, Janitor's Trunk, and the BitterMan 500 Computer. Once the level is clean, place the Bitterman in the Janitor's Trunk and punch ouf of the level normally to return it to The Office.