Vcd thumb caduceus
The starting area of Caduceus
General Information
Type Experimental Bio-Chemical Facility
Par-Time 39 minutes and 12 seconds
Location Unknown
Company Unknown

Caduceus is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level Briefs Edit


"The presence of possible remaining viral contaminants must not deter you from cleaning the medical facility in its entirety.

Recent tragic events have lead to a shortage of hazmat suits. Management feels that the unimportance of your task does not warrant the expenditure of valued articles. Therefore, it is advised that your work be expeditious."

Respawn Brief

"A fellow colleague was rushed off-site earlier today with a serious infection.

We are sending you in to cover for them. Do not demonstrate the same lack of initiative as they did.

Failure to expedite the cleanup operation will result in your immediate dismissal, or worse.

Take care when handling any remaining contaminants. Always ensure proper protocols. The facility must be corrected promptly, efficiently, and above all quietly."

Map OverviewEdit

The map consists of two main rooms linked by a fairly wide S-shaped corridor, with two side corridors isolated with unlocked doors.

VCD-wiki - Caduceus



Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Stack crates in the designated area.
  • Stack medical supply crates in the designated area.
  • Stack medical waste crates in the designated area.
  • Stack barrels in the designated area.

Bob's NoteEdit

Spoiler warning!
This section may contain spoilers. Please proceed with caution.

Bob's note can be found in the side corridor near the Slosh-O-Matic. It is dated 03/02/2184.

Bob note 03-02-2184
Bob 03/02/2184
Junior Executive Janitor

I'm just one step away from making it to the Waste Disposal Sector.

I can't get out of here fast enough, they think they can stop me, but they can't.

I know whats really going on, I've seen things.
I'll do what I need to, if I escape they won't be able to stop it.

I would like to take a few momentos with me, but it's not worth the risk, God only knows what's in those jars!

The bodies, what have they done to them!?

They must never find me!

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • Caduceus BloodGraffiti
    The phrase "The storm is coming RS" is written in blood on the glass wall in the side room near the Slosh-O-Matic. The Laser Welder is also found in this location.
  • The caduceus is a symbol comprising a winged staff intertwined with serpents. It is the staff of Hermes in Greek mythology, and is often associated with medical care facilities in most countries, including the United States.
  • Caduceus is the only level to contain Alien Virus Canisters by default. The canisters are considered mess and should be incinerated to obtain a perfect score, however there is an achievement which requires bringing an intact canister to another level via the Janitor's Trunk.

Image Gallery Edit

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