"Absolute-Zero Tolerance" -Izanagi Corporation
Vcd thumb cryogenesis
The starting area of Cryogenesis
General Information
Type Experimental Cryogenics Facility
Par-Time 1 hour, 34 minutes, and 7 seconds
Location Unknown
Company Izanagi Corporation

Cryogenesis is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Brief Edit

"First and foremost, do not let the cold temperatures deter you from performing your duties as admirably as we have come to expect from all company employees. Perhaps you would find unemployment more comfortable than this?

The aftermath of the chilling events that transpired here must be cleaned and repaired as hastily as possible, as Izanagi Corporation inspectors will be arriving shortly to ensure the facility is as it should be.

Regarding the specimens; Cryogenic Engineers have informed us that there is almost no chance of further incident, so do not be alarmed."

Respawn brief Edit

"Due to unknown causes, a workman has died on-site.

We are sending you in as a replacement in order to finish the job.

Do not be alarmed by the incident, carry out your duties quickly and calmly.

Avoid working in close proximity to your fellow workmen, be aware and above all, cautious."

Map OverviewEdit

Cryogenesis specemin

One of the specimens found in the level.

The map consists of three main rooms linked by long corridors, with the starting area in at end end of one such corridor. A large control room is beyond a door requiring a code to be unlocked.
Cryogenesis specemin 2

Another specimen

VCD-wiki - Cryogenesis



Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Cryogenic storage container

Cryogenic canister

Bob's NoteEdit

Spoiler warning!
This section may contain spoilers. Please proceed with caution.

Bob's note can be found in the back corner of the area with the incinerator and Slosh-O-Matic. It is dated 02/02/2184.

Bob note 02-02-2184
Bob 02/02/2184
Junior Executive Janitor

I've snuck into the Croygenics Sector in an effort to dodge the authorities.

Surprisingly, Ottis' keycard granted access to the cryo labs. I had no idea he had such high security clearance.

I plan to knock out one of the scientists and take his clothes. With luck a disguise will get me to the other side of the facility.

Damn the company, to hell with it. This whole place is a disease!

They must never find me!

Tips and TriviaEdit

Cryogenesis console

The main console in the control room.

  • The word "Doomed" is written in blood on a wall near the starting area, along with the code for the locked door.
  • The control room door code is 084666.
  • The laser welder is located in the control room behind the locked door.
  • Specimens in this level are actually based off of characters from the game Rooks Keep, also by RuneStorm.
  • Several screens are present in the control room displaying various error and evacuation warning messages. One of which displays the message "specimens will wake in T-minus 8 minutes." However, as this message never changes, this screen appears to have become frozen, quite possibly before the initial specimens had escaped.
  • Glass fragments are scattered around this level, many of which may be too large to fit into a waste disposal bin. The player may use the laser welder in short pulses to vaporize larger shards.
  • Cryonenesis Half-Life reference

    A data log parodying the video game, Half-Life.

    One of the data logs found in this level contains several references to the popular video game, Half-Life. It depicts the "Theoretical Cryogenecist," Jordan Friedman (parodying the Theoretical Physicist, Gordon Freeman, the protagonist of the Half-Life series) describing his intentions, among other references.
  • The body fragments of the specimens are large and unwieldy, with the full torso sections being very difficult to fit into the incinerator. Because of this, one may attempt to use the laser welder to vaporize large body parts into smaller and more manageable pieces.
  • There are no bullet holes to be repaired on this level. The laser welder provided can instead be used to reduce the largest viscera fragments to a more manageable size.
  • Lightning-Scar1

    A lightning scar

    The other medical facility to which Bob refers to in his letter is Caduceus, based on the date of the letters and the mention of the Waste Disposal sector as his objective.
  • Cryogenesis contains several lightening scars presumably created by the HVC Mk9 lightening guns scattered though out the level. They can be removed with the laser welder using an identical method to that of removing bullet holes.
  • According to Viscera Cleanup Detail's developers, Cryogenesis was originally set to include several frozen corpses indicated by a pile of shattered frozen remains. These would have been created as a result of broken cryogenic holding cells, but the idea was eventually cut somewhere along the level's development.

Cause of disaster Edit

It seems very likely that the purpose of this facility was to analyse the creatures frozen in the cryogenic chambers, and find some way to use them. However, it appears the cryogenic system failed, and released the specimens into the facility, resulting in them tearing the staff limb from limb. However, some went down fighting. Several dead specimens can be found in the level sliced into segments by the lightning guns the scientists/security guards were issued to use in such a scenario. They were not enough to save them.

Image Gallery Edit

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