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The Developer Console is a hidden testing feature in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

The Developer Console appears as a black drop-down menu with neon green borders, covering the upper half of the screen. A small text field at the bottom allows players to enter commands, while a larger field can be seen at the top showing previously entered commands.

The Developer Console is extremely similar to that found in most other modern games, and can be accessed by pressing the tilde [~] key, located above [TAB].

Currently, using console commands does not prevent you from unlocking achievements.

NOTE: Commands are disabled in Speedrun and Co-op/Multiplayer modes (excluding the host). In Speedrun mode (singleplayer), the command "EnableCheats" will enable "fly" and "ghost", but not "KillNearestMess" or "KillNearestNonMess".

List of commands Edit

The following is an alphabetical list of console commands:

(Commands are case-insensitive)

A Edit

Command Description
ActiveInputGroup GroupName [FString]
Admin CommandLine [FString]
AllWeapons Gives you the Mop, Sniffer, and Laser Welder. (Currently this method causes the world model of the Laser Welder to glitch and become invisible, but it still functions as normal.)
Avatar ClassName [FName]

B Edit

Command Description
BeginBVT TagDesc [FString]
BehindView Moves the camera behind your character for a third-person view. Aiming can be awkward in this mode.
BloomSize Used to adjust the intensity of the glow around light sources.
BugItAI ScreenShotDescription [FString]
BugItGo X [FLOAT] Y [FLOAT] Z [FLOAT] Pitch [INT] Yaw [INT] Roll [INT]
BugIt ScreenShotDescription [FString]
BugItStringCreator ViewLocation [FVector] ViewLocation [FRotator] GoString [FString] LocString [FString]

C Edit

Command Description
CameraNewMode [FName] Without designating [FName], this moves the camera view "inside" the player model, resultng in a strange clipping effect. "Walk" returns it to default.
CauseEvent EventName [FName]
CE EventName [FName]
ChangeSize F[FLOAT]
ChangeTeam TeamName [FString]
CrowdDebug bEnabled [UBOOL]

D Edit

Command Description
DebugCreatePlayer 1
DebugShowViscera Toggles a marker to the nearest viscera/splatter/mess object. NOTE: only works with the Sniffer equipped.

E Edit

Command Description
enableCheats Enables "fly" and "ghost" in Speedrun mode
Exit Exit the game with no prompt

F Edit

Command Description
Fly Allows you to fly, but respects collision boundaries. "Walk" disables it.

G Edit

Command Description
Ghost Allows you to fly and clip through walls. "Walk" disables it.
GiveTools Gives a set of extra debug tools: gloves that spawn objects, and a mop to create decals. Intended to be used in the map editor. Objects created in normal levels will not save on reload; you must copy+paste them into the editor to save any new items/splats/decals.
GiveWeapon [FString] Gives you the defined weapon class (entered after the command), eg: "giveweapon VisceraGameContent.VCWeap_WeldingLaser_Content".
God Makes you invincible. (Example: Guns on Revolutionary Robotics will shoot at, but not kill you.)

H Edit

Command Description
HideWeapon Toggles the world model of the currently-selected tool (useful for screenshots). The tool/hands can still be used while invisible. Re-entering the command, switching to another tool, or using the "Walk" command will make all tools visible again.

J Edit

Command Description
Jump Makes the player jump.

K Edit

Command Description
KillNearestMess Removes/deletes the closest splatter, giblet, body part, bullet hole, scar, and any other object considered to be a mess. Useful as a debug tool when the Sniffer pings something the player can't seem to reach.
KillNearestNonMess Removes/deletes the closest crate, barrel, clean disposal bin or bucket, tools lying around (broom, laser welder), and any other movable object that is not considered a mess by the Sniffer.

N Edit

Command Description
NextViewMode Cycles the world rendering mode through 7 modes:

  1. Normal (what the game starts with)
  2. All colors and meshes removed. Everything becomes a blocky white/gray color, with the exception being certain colored lighting, such as the orange glow of fireplaces, jack-o-lanterns, candles, and certain wall/street lights.
  3. Solid green overlays
  4. Wireframe
  5. Wireframe with ground, floors, and ceilings removed
  6. Normal with bright, even lighting
  7. A "heatmap" view
NextWeapon Cycles to the next available tool.

O Edit

Command Description
Open [level/ip address]

P Edit

Command Description
Pause Pauses the level (not the same as hitting ESC).
PrevViewMode Cycles the view modes backwards (see NextViewMode)
PrevWeapon Cycles to the previous tool.

Q Edit

Command Description
Quit Instantly exits game; does NOT save game.

R Edit

Command Description
Restart Reloads the current level.
RestartLevel Same as Restart.
RetryAchievementUnlocks Attempt to unlock achievements that should have been already unlocked.

S Edit

Command Description
SetBind [Key] [Command] Binds a command to a key you designate (eg: "SetBind E KillNearestMess" or "SetBind MouseScrollDown BehindView").
SetRes [x + y] Changes screen resolution.
Show Bounds Toggles a wireframe overlay of all object boundaries (not the same as collision). Every object and background element is surrounded by a wireframe sphere of respective size. This can be useful for finding smaller objects or hidden messes. Warning: Can lag slow machines.
Show BSP Toggles the display of floors/ground, ceilings, and walls.
Show Collision Toggles the collision boxes around interactive objects.
Show Cover
Show Decals Toggles the display of all decals (blood splatters, footprints, soot, etc). Walking over them still creates footprints, but they will also be invisible.
Show Fog Toggles the display of fog.
Show LevelColoration Toggles all colors and meshes, as seen in NextViewMode #2.
Show Paths
Show PostProcess Toggles the extra color overlay of the level, such as the blue tint in House of Horror or the color saturation in Santa's Rampage.
Show SkelMeshes Toggles the display of the player character model. The world may still be interacted with, but hands and tools cannot be seen.
Show Splines
Show Terrain Toggles the display of terrain features, such as leaf piles or snow mounds.
Show Volumes Toggles wireframe boxes around objects that create noise, or areas with ambient sound.
StatFPS Toggles the display of your FPS at the top right of the screen.
Suicide Kills the player.
Summon [Class] Spawns objects by class (eg: "summon Viscera_Content.Debris_Mess").[1]

T Edit

Command Description
Teleport Moves the player to wherever the player is looking (crosshairs).
TestPawnMesh Randomly changes the player's character model/skin (including gender).
ThrowWeapon Tosses away the currently held tool. It must be a tool initially found in the level (shovel, broom, Laser Welder). NOTE: If used while holding the mop, it will instead delete the mop from the toolbar. Use "AllWeapons" to reenable the mop.
ToggleFreeCam Allows you to move the camera around your character (good for screenshots). "Walk" sets the camera back to default.

W Edit

Command Description
Walk Somewhat of a "reset" command: Turns off Ghost and Fly; changes camera from BehindView and ToggleFreeCam modes back to default first person; shows tools after HideWeapon is used.


  1. Developer comment on Steam