The Employee of the Month Award as it currently appears.

The Employee of the Month Award (often simply abbreviated as the EotM Award) is a special object that can be found in The Office after completion of a level with a score above 100% in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Although the Employee of the Month Award does not itself have a purpose, it is simply designed to act as a sort of trophy commemorating the player's outstanding performance.

Appearance Edit

The Employee of the Month Award appears as a bright yellow square picture frame surrounding an image of one of the original janitor skins overlayed on an image of clouds and blue sky. The text "Employee of the Month" can also be seen in white letters at the bottom of the frame.

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UDK 2015 10 03 14 54 20 92

A video by Smidge204 showing the current Employee of the Month Award being hung on the wall.

Trivia Edit

  • The Employee Of The Month award will be placed in various locations on the wall of the main room of the Office. This picture frame can be taken off the wall and moved around to other locations on the Office. It will also persist between visits unlike the numerous paper notes around the Office after completion of a level, allowing the player to accumulate multiple Employee Of The Month awards.
  • Prior to a collision area improvement in version 0.52, players could stick Employee of the Month Awards back up on seemingly any flat wall in their office by simply holding the back of the picture frame towards the wall and releasing it. As said by the game's developers later on when asked if they would be able to stick to the walls again, they responded with, "The pictures were never meant to stick in the first place, it just turned out to be a happy byproduct of their poor collision." They then added, "I might make it an actual feature if I have the time."

    The old Employee of the Month Award.

    • Despite this, Employee of the Month Awards can still stick to the walls beside the door leading out of the main room in The Office.
    • Prior to this update, Employee of the Month Awards also had no background image and instead appeared a dark blue.

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