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Ending Messages in the DLC levels of Viscera Cleanup Detail differ from the standard Ending Messages found upon level completion. Their content ties into the themes of each level.

Santa's Rampage Edit

Completion Notices Edit

NOTE: Certain completion notices are the same as in the base game, and will not be listed here.

Upon receiving an Employee of the Month Award

After an astonishingly skillful performance by a sanitation technician last week, they were credited with an Employee of the Month award and a special gift.

However, after receiving their reward; the chance to sit with Santa, the Janitor promptly went berserk and attacked him with a mop, causing brain damage that led to his death.

It was later revealed that "Santa" was actually just an ex-actor for hire; "Hellfieg Stromer", famous only for not being a famous actor...

Upon completing an acceptable job
Official Inspection Report

"The workshop appeared to be in a good state; more or less.
Despite searching the area thoroughly, I was unable to find anything offensive.
At least with cleaning performance.

The crew employed to work on this workshop performed acceptably, and I would tentatively recommend that they be assigned to other jobs.

I did however find a disturbing lack of urination facilities, but that's beside the point.
I would be pleased if more employees were this good.

I'll be keeping a keen eye on this restoration crew.
If they don't keep it up, they will be hearing from me."

Upon completion of a sub-par job
Official Inspection Report

"I honestly ask you, was a restoration crew employeed to work this site? Because I didn't see any indication of work. The workshop was a tragic distaster! I fear my love for Christmas has been permanently destroyed after gazing on the pure horror scattered about everywhere I looked.

I'm convinced that if a crew had been here, I would not be terrified of Santa.

I hope management intends to roast these sub-human employees for such a woefully lacking performance.

The next time I go on an inspection, I demand proper compensation! This is awful..."

Official Inspection Report

"Never in all my years have I witnessed a workshop as tragic and filthy as I did this week.

The failure of the restoration crew employed to work the site during the week is beyond unforgivable!

Should Management decide to continue employing these... reprobates, I myself will be forced to resign.

As it is, I question how they were ever even\ngiven access in the first place!\n\nI intend to inquire more over at the HR office. Even if the people there are not from my department, something must be done!"

Official Inspection Report

"I've inspected work before, but nothing this bad!

I am shocked and speechless, what could I possibly comment on?

Not a few paces into the site and I was covered in Elf blood, their innocent faces gazing at me as I stumble and trip on countless sharp and broken items which used to fill my heart with joy! The amount of blood on every surface... beyond words.

I didn't dare check the whole workshop, I was already in tears after 5 minutes. I'm never going back in there again!

I need to see my doctor, again. I just...AAAH!"

Newspaper Clippings Edit

Notices found in the Office after completing the Santa's Rampage level are published by different newsletters: "The Polar Times", "The Arctic Paper", "Alpine Recline", "Avalanche Report", "Blizzard News", "Flake Mail", "Igloopalooza", "The Elf Press", and "Terror Watch".

Upon destroying Christmas items

Children around the world are crying after a statement released by the arctic postal service that: "Due to the tragic events at Santa's Workshop and the complete and unsanctioned destruction of festive items and presets by the restoration crew employed to cleanup, Christmas is cancelled."

While Christmas may not actually be cancelled, the delivery of parcels to children across the world is now impossible.

"There is simply not enough time anymore thanks to their Janitors, sorry kids..."

Upon leaving blood

Desperate attempts to curb the outbreak of "Elf Flu" gripping the world at the moment continue, while authorities launch a man hunt for those responsible after scientists revealed the source of the outbreak in each case was a blood tainted gift sent from "Santa's Workshop" in the north pole.

The workshop has denied responsibility despite having packaged the goods. They instead claim a sanitation corporation is responsible.


The ongoing efforts of world governments to address the limitless swarm of parasite carrying tropical flies that have plagues the north pole have led to the entire area being quarantined; some 200 square miles.

Scientists cannot explain how the flies have survived, but they do know the cause: traces of Elf blood within a workshop near the north pole.

Various agencies are at present seeking suspects. Primary among them is the restoration crew.

Upon leaving Elf parts

Various Elf unions are in an uproar this week after it became known that a large beast prowling the north pole has killed and eaten several Elves working in the area.

Strange reports suggest it is the mythical Abominable Snowman who is responsible.

Authorities claim the beast may have obtained a taste for Elf after consuming dead Elves found in a nearby workshop that was not properly sanitized.

The restoration corporation maintain their innocence.


Horrifying reports indicate that the entire workforce at a logging camp in the arctic circle were devoured by polar bears earlier this week.

The camp leader, an Elf, was apparently the first to be eaten, followed by his staff, many of which were Elves too.

Scientists believe the polar bears had gained a taste for Elf after consuming body parts left by careless janitors at another workshop 20 miles away, however ludicrous that sounds.

Upon leaving Reindeer parts

Increasing reports of vomitting are still coming in since tuesday when a local "Abominable Burger" opened its doors.

After it was revealed by a local hunter that he tasted Reindeer in the burger, patrons began to vomit uncontrollably.

Despite this increase in meat quality, customers are prosecuting the fast-food chain and attempting to trace the meat to its supplier.

Early evidence points to "Santa's Workshop" for supplying the meat.


An entire airport in Argentina was closed on thursday after a package from the north pole came through customs.

The package reportedly contained what at first seemed like jerky, but turned out to be deeply rotted Reindeer meat, thus leading to the closure of the airport until proper containment could be ensured.

The Argentinian government are demanding answers from the sender; a workshop in the north pole.

Upon leaving a knife

A famous sous chef at a Canadian hotel has been arrested on suspicion of negligence after several patrons reportedly took ill from eating the popular veal dish served at the restaurant.

The chef's lawyer claims that his client is innocent and that his filleting knife (a recent purchase) is to blame. The knife, obtained from a mail order with "Santa's Workshop" could very well have been one of the murder weapons used during the workshop's recent "incident".

Authorties are investigating the possibility.


Not a few hours before the biggest show in the arctic circle was to be opened to the public, Snuffle Knifefinger, the famous Elf knife juggler was found dead in his tent.

Fellow entertainers say they had never seen the knife before and that he would never use such a knife for his act, it's too big.

Police suggest he may simply have been curious, and attempted to juggle it anyway.

The Elf community is in an uproar over the police once again simply dismissing the death of an Elf without even bothering to investigate.

Upon leaving a piece of glass

After the recently restored "Santa's Workshop" returned to work on monday, the new Elven employees have started dying again.

Reports indicate the Elves have all died as a result of sharp glass pieces that were not cleared from the worksite by the sanitation crew employed the previous week.

Naturally, their corporation is being sued for damages by various Elf unions.

"Tiny Littleton" himself is seeking the death penalty for those responsible.


The famous glass eater, Billy "Major Pane" Johnson died on wednesday after consuming some luxury chocolates sent from "Santa's Workshop" for Christmas.

Billy, caught unprepared by the stray glass shards in the chocolate box died in mere minutes.

Billy's agent has urged authorities to bring the culprits to justice, and is offering a reward. The company responsible for the workshop's restoration has come forward with employee names in hopes of claiming the reward.

Upon leaving a bottle of eggnog

The Society for the Prevention of Clubbed Albatross have accused a cleanup crew employed to work on a workshop in the north pole of "polluting the north sea with the most rotten "Chuck Hurlington's Eggnog" known to man."

Several species of seals and albatross are in danger of being wiped out by the toxic pollutant. As yet, little can be done to remove the thick and slimy layer that coats the ocean.

As a result, "Chuck Hurlington's" have since added a warning label to their product: "May react unfavorably with salt water."


After being thoroughly disappointed with his presents, young Alby threw a tantrum and then ran to his room. In the night he drunk the Eggnog he received from the north pole, sending him into a drunken rage.

In the morning, a neighbor found Alby covered in blood and passed out next to his dead mother and father. Authorities are bringing a law suit against the disreputable workshop who sent alchohol to the child.

Alby is yet to be adopted...

Upon leaving disposal bins

In what can only be described as a disaster, it has come to the attention of authorities that the recently sunk "RMS Gigantic" cruise ship was the result of an unnatural iceberg.

The iceberg reportedly formed around a disposal bin left floating in the north sea.

The disposal bin's serial number has led authorities to the culprits; a sanitiation company likely employed to work a job in the north pole.

The structural design of the "RMS Gigantic" is presently being questioned.


The unscrupulous actions of "Little Finger" are well known. A deadly and elusive assassin who has no problem throwing his Elf brethren to the wolves, always leaving a calling card for the authorities has done it again.

Early Monday, "Little Finger" killed the famous leader of the "Activists for Respected and Safe Elves" organization.

Authorities are blaming a sanitation company for the disposal bin "Little Finger" used to remain undetected in the crowd prior to the assassination.

Upon leaving buckets

Scientists studying the avalanche that covered a town in the arctic circle last week have come to some startling conclusions. Apparently a simple bucket left in the snow was the cause.

Due to the build up of snow drift around the bucket on an otherwise clear cliffside, the entire area eventually gave way.

Authorities are pursuing legal action against the sanitation group recently employeed to work in the artic circle. It remains to be seen if anything comes of it.


The famous Narwhal "Nelly" was recently discovered dead in the arctic circle.

Conerns over the outcome of the rest of his pod are high, as "Nelly" has been the Alpha male for over 50 years.
However, his death was not natural...

Strong evidence suggests a sanitation company are responsible, given the presence of a bucket stuck to "Nelly's" elongated canine or "horn". Authorities are at present trying to prosecute those responsible.

Upon leaving spent ammunition

The old "Cloudy Peaks" asylum has recieved a strange new patient: "Blinky Bellfeet".

The Elf was admitted after reportedly "freaking out" at his new job working in "Santa's Workshop". His small colleagues suggest he lost it after drinking from a shotgun casing he momentarily mistook for a drinking glass. They say he went "odd" after he was told the dark story behind the workshop's recent and tragic history; we all remember it well...

We hope the little tyke gets better soon!


Truly tragic news this week. It has become known that Comet, the last remaining Reindeer of Santa's herd has died.

It's well known that Santa killed all his other reindeer last week, along with all his staff. Comet was lucky enough to escape and has been carefully nursed since then.

However, on saturday he consumed a shell casing delivered to the farm from the restored "Santa's Workshop". Suspicions abound, but it remains to be seen who will be punished for this tragedy.

Upon leaving Molotov cocktails

A postal service office in the north pole has burned down following careless handling of a package from the recently restored "Santa's Workshop".

The package, said to contain a molotov cocktail and other substances is believed to have exploded, setting the whole office alight. Whether the package was a mistake or not is still being investigated, as is the restoration crew employed to work the workshop last week.

Many children around the world will not be getting their presents this year...


Authorities surrounded an alpine cabin this week, after finding definitive proof that the cabin was the long believed headquarters of the Klu Klux Klause, the mysterious group that seem to have ties to countless criminal activities.

The FBI say they found proof in the form of a KKK video in which a one-of-a-kind "La Baguette" bottle was spotted.

The bottle, believed to have been incorrectly shipped from a recently sanitized workshop has angered the KKK greatly.

The leader has stated he will have his revenge.

Upon leaving dynamite bundles or sticks

Early on Christmas morning, young Tommy was ecstatic to discover a gift from Santa among his presents.

His parents however were less impressed when Tommy pulled a stick of dynamite out of his gift and promptly lit it.

The family died instantly in the resulting explosion that destroyed their living room.

Authorities have since traced the stick to Santa's workshop and discovered that a sanitation company was to blame.


After the recent terrorist attack on a reindeer farm, the FBI have revealed that the explosive device is believed to have been obtained from the recently restored 'Santa's Workshop".

It is believed that the stick of dynamite was procured with the help of an inside man.

The sanitation company who restored the workshop claim the stick was left on the scene by an employee, and that they might also be a terrorist.

Authorities have not yet rules out Santa as the prime susped, given the dangerous fugitive's MO.

Upon leaving wood pieces and rubble

Tragic news this week after the body of an Elf was discovered trapped under a piece of rubble.

Believed to have been crushed when the rubble fell off a table, the Elf in question would have suffered for hours before succuming.

Tiny Littleton, secretary general of the "Elves for Fairness" union is insisting the cleanup crew responsible for leaving such debris within reach be punished.

Others suggest Santa may be involved and still hiding in the area.


Little Jacob woke up early on Christmas day, eager to rip open his presents. His first present however, contained only a piece of broken masonry, sending Jacob into a frenzy.

His parents have since sued "Santa's Workshop" for such an abominable gift. However, the workshop are defiantly claiming they are not responsible, and that some sanitation corporation is instead.

Jacob has since been medicated. His already falling grades are sure to suffer...

House of Horror Edit

Completion Notices Edit

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Newspaper Clippings Edit

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