Frostbite is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail. It was added to the game in update v1.05, along with a related achievement for level completion.

Level Briefings Edit


This dreary research and storage facility has a long record of minor psychological incidents due to the isolation and cold, but even so, details regarding the events that decimated the facility are sketchy at best.
An extra-terrestrial organism is suspected to be involved, however, the junior recon team is certain it no longer poses a threat..

Already there are multiple conglomerates interested in acquiring the installation and collected data once you have executed your sanitation duties.

Work diligently, and with speed, as the facility is expected to be ’’swept’’ over via orbital bio-bomb to ensure security.

Good day.

Respawn BriefEdit

Unreliable intel suggests a former colleague of yours has perished, possibly due to the sub-zero temperatures.
We have officially listed them as KIA.

Whatever the case may be, we expect you to replace the deceased with due haste.

Ensure the installation is clean and orderly as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Use caution when working near your other technicians, they have not yet been ruled out as potential suspects...

Maps Edit

Frostbite AuroraLogo1

The Aurora company logo

Frostbite consists of a very large outdoor area filled with several "Aurora" company shipping containers, the Slosh-O-Matic, What-A-Load Disposal Bins bin dispenser, and Incinerator. On either side of this area are two underground tunnels leading to separate rooms. The first is a small office/laboratory filled with desks, boxes, solar flares, and two Mining Explosives. There is also an inaccessible door to the right of the room. The second tunnel leads to a larger underground ice-cave. This cave contains the Vendor and three open "ice boxes", two of which hold the mangled remains of mutant species.


Main Area


Underground Laboratory


Underground Cave

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Incident Reports Edit

Incident Particulars: Aliens, Fire, Mutations, Corruption, Enigmatic Forces

Number of Dead Aliens: 3

Number of Shell Casings: 0

Number of Bullet Holes: 0

The number of items incinerated can be found in the code of the player's save file. The player should save his/her game, navigate to his/her save file, open it in Notepad (or TextEdit for iOS), then press CRTL+F and search for NumIncinerated. The proceeding number is how many items have been incinerated during the player's game.

Locations of cadavers and their causes of death:

  1. On ground in corner past Big Banger from start area: Crushed, Slain, Impact
  2. Hidden behind shipping containers near start area: Slain
  3. Leaning against red shipping container opposite entrance to underground laboratory area: Thrown, Slain, Impact
  4. On top of yellow shipping container: Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  5. On stairway down to underground laboratory area: Slain
  6. In underground laboratory area (hanging from the ceiling): Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Impaled, Stabbed, Slain
  7. First corpse encounter in tunnel to underground ice cave: Sliced, Slain
  8. Second corpse encountered in tunnel to underground ice cave: Eviscerated, Thrown, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  9. In underground ice cave: Thrown, Slain, Impact

The last three bodies are lying in a pile on the ground outside. The player should stand with his/her back to the start area, facing the crate-stacking area.

  • Rightmost PID: Burned, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Stricken, Slain
  • Center (furthest) PID: Burned, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Stricken, Slain
  • Leftmost PID: Burned, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Stricken, Slain

A full guide for all maps can be found here.

Data LogsEdit

Date: 03/08/2184
Time: 08:16 GST
Identification: Dr. Richard Carpenter
Title: Lead Researcher

Brrrr, another cold day on this wretched moon.
Well, I guess I better leave a report.

Ahem, we've unearthed 3 lifeforms in the ice so far.
Early evidence suggests bipedal physiology, but there's some strange morphology that has Dr. Blair very intrigued indeed.

Tests indicated the ice to be well over 23,000 years old.

I guess the orbital survey team was right after all.
I'm sure they'll be pleased, and why not?
They don't get to live down here...

I'll continue my analysis after the specimens have been thawed.

Date: 03/08/2184
Time: 19:57 GST
Identification: Dr. David Childs
Title: Biologist

I've been put in charge of cataloging the samples before storing them in the cryo fridge.

It's truly amazing how much material there is in these specimens, I swear there wasn't this much matter when we took them out of the ice and thawed them.

I'll store the samples as requested, but first I'll weigh every sample.
When I'm done, I'll weigh them again and compare my results.

If I'm right, this could be a huge breakthrough!
Enough even to perhaps silence Dr. Blairs constant self righteousness.

Date: 04/08/2184
Time: 13:24 GST
Identification: Dr. Keith Blair
Title: Lead Biologist

I've been studying the samples from our discovery for 26 hours straight, and I'm even more fascinated now than when I started.

The cells don't appear to be dead, which is remarkable considering they've been in the ice for countless years.

The organism, which at first appeared humanoid has begun changing.
I'm not sure what the hell it's doing on to be honest, but it is most peculiar.

Date: 16/08/2184
Time: 11:44 GST
Identification: Col. MacReady
Title: Ice Cold Killer

Primary Objective:
Rescue any remaining employees and secure the samples.

Secondary Objective:
Reduce whiskey intake...

Contact with an Arctic institute base on the ice moon Gallileo-5 has been lost.
We're sending you down to secure their investment and rescue anyone still alive.
Make your way to the storage rooms and collect any viables samples. We're being paid good money for this operation, so make sure the samples are intact!
Just grab whatever looks important and get out.
Good luck.

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Tips and Trivia Edit

  • Frostbite is a massive reference to the classic 1982 horror movie, The Thing, which takes place in an Antarctic research outpost. In this movie, scientists find a 100,000 year old extraterrestrial frozen in the ice, which eventually revives itself, killing numerous workers.
    • PIDs can be found with the surnames Carpenter, Childs, Palmer, Dr. Blair, and Nauls. John Carpenter was the director of the movie, and the other names are direct references to characters from the movie. Even their "roles" in the level are similar, based on the Notes and Data Logs found around the map.
    • Similarly, the Mission Log addresses a Col. MacReady. The protagonist of the movie was R. J. MacReady, played by Kurt Russel.
    • There is a small cage/kennel in the underground science lab. In the film/storyline, the sled dogs in the kennels were the first to become infected.
    • Fire is the only effective weapon against the creature in the film. This may explain why most of the barrels found on the map are red flammable ones, and a seemingly burnt pile of corpses is found near the second tunnel entrance.
  • Frostbite HiddenBody

    A body only reachable via the J-HARM

    There is a body hidden on top of a shipping container near the Slosh-O-Matic. The J-HARM is required to reach this area.
  • There is a Laser Welder in the second tunnel, but there are no bullet holes or lightning scars to repair anywhere on the map. The welder can be used to incinerate larger objects before disposal, but is otherwise unnecessary for achieving a perfect score for the level.
  • There are two large digital message boards, one over each tunnel:
    • WARNING: Containment Failure! All personnel remain on site and do not attempt to breach quarantine or security will open fire! The lifeform cannot be allowed to escape! More lives than your own may depend on your compliance.
    • ATTENTION: All personnel are to present themselves for blood screenings by no later than 1400 hours. Failure to comply will result in immediate confinement and possible termination. Thank you for your understanding.
  • In Frostbite, all digital screens, Data Logs, and the Punchomatic feature a snowflake theme (also seen in Cryogenesis) instead of the usual logo.
  • Objects thrown outside of the level are very slowly destroyed, as if in a furnace. Trash can be safely disposed of by throwing it over the fences, but gibs and explosives will leave splatters and scorch marks that cannot be cleaned.

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