"The Shortest Distance Between Two Points Is Zero" –The Morpheus

Gravity Drive is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail. It is one of only two levels to feature weightlessness, along with Zero-G Therapy. It is also one of only two levels that do not contain an Incinerator, along with Santa's Rampage. Instead, an airlock on the lower floor must be used to dispose of objects.

Level Briefings Edit


Company officials are not entirely certain of the circumstances around, or the cause of the event. However, a repeat of said event, whatever its cause, seems statistically unlikely.

Operate carefully and be sure not to damage the sensitive equipment; zero-gravity conditions can be disconcerting, especially for the inexperienced...

The shuttle will be passing by the vessel periodically, so be sure to work with haste.
Make certain you do not cause a repeat of the previous event, and work quickly, but carefully!

Do not delay; get to it!

Respawn brief Edit

Reports tell us a Janitor has died or been otherwise terminated aboard the vessel.

We're not exactly sure what the cause was, so caution is advised!

Ensure the vessel is in tip-top shape, and devoid of any anomalies.
Please exercise care around your fellow workmen, they cannot be trusted.

The company will not accept further failures, do NOT dissapoint us...


Gravity Drive consists of two medium-sized floors connected by one elevator and two small shafts crowded with various objects. The bottom floor houses a large gravity core and its control panel, which allows the player to toggle gravity in the level on and off. The bottom floor also houses an airlock, which allows players to dispose of various objects.

Original Map Source
VCD 3 - wiki - Gravity Drive - FF

First Floor.

VCD 3 - wiki - Gravity Drive - SF

Second Floor.

Map Key

Stacking Areas Edit

There are only two areas: one for barrels, and one for crates.


Located at the right of the airlock.

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Ample space for barrel stacking


Located in front of the lift.

20170226124941 1

Equipment Edit

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Stack crates in the designated area.
    • The three oversized round crates in the gravity control room cannot be moved from the room, so they cannot be stacked.
  • Stack barrels in the designated area.
  • Find all 8 Personal Identification Devices, place them in the Punchomatic, and fill out reports. Three of them are found on the top floor, one in the elevator and the other 4 on the lower floor.

Incident Reports Edit

Incident Particulars: Guns, Corruption, Enigmatic Forces, Environmental Hazards, Homicide, Suicide

Number of Dead Aliens: 0

Number of Shell Casings: 0

Number of Bullet Holes: 0

Items are technically not incinerated in this level. That value will always be zero.

Locations of cadavers and their causes of death:

  1. Floating in shaft above barrel stacking area: Eviscerated, Halved
  2. Opposite the Bin Dispenser, away from the red hallway: Shot, Murdered, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved
  3. Floating in elevator shaft: Eviscerated, Dismembered, Halved
  4. Dark red hallway: Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved
  5. Lower Level, hallway from gravity control room: Shot, Murdered, Eviscerated, Halved
  6. Gravity control room, near control panel: Shot, Murdered, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved
  7. Gravity control room, opposite end from control panel: Shot, Murdered, Eviscerated, Halved
  8. Decompression Chamber: Eviscerated, Crushed, Halved

A full guide for all maps can be found here.

Data LogsEdit

Date: 24/11/2184
Time: 14:02 GST
Identification: Dr. Sam Neill
Title: Quantum Propulsion Physicist

We made it out into deep space as per the details of the operation, and were finally initiating phase 2 when suddenly everything went wrong.

The mission was going perfectly, like a text book.
We opened the gateway... then everything changed.

I don't know what happened, everything went dark... and then I hear voices.
They were calling to me, screaming in a strange language.
I think, think one of them was my wife.
My... dead wife.

The other crew members have started seeing things as well.
God help us!

Date: 27/11/2184
Time: 10:21 GST
Identification: Cpt. Grinder
Title: Acting Captain

After the core failure on wednesday, things have only gotten worse. The captain has been murdered, leaving me in command of a fractured crew.

I'm not trusting anyone, and it seems everyone else is doing the same.
They've all been seeing things, and I believe Dr. Neill has lost it completely.
He's been skulking around the vessel, and keeps saying "The Morpheus won't let us leave."

I don't trust him, and I'm going to make damn sure I don't die like the last captain!

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Controlling GravityEdit

Gravity can be toggled on and off by activating a console in front of the gravity core with the hands. The elevator will not work when gravity is turned off, but the player may float up and down the elevator shaft while weightless.

Using the AirlockEdit

Since there is no incinerator, the airlock must be used to dispose of objects. Unlike the airlock on Zero-G Therapy, the airlock in Gravity Drive uses a two-door system to operate instead of one. This means that to dispose of an object, the player is required to first open the interior door and fill the interior with any objects they wish to remove. They must then close the door (through the use of either a console in the interior of the airlock or one outside of it in the corridor) and press the button reading "Depressurize". Any objects inside the airlock will then be sucked out and removed from the level.

Any players present inside the airlock during depressurization will be instantly killed and explode into several pieces.

Note that there is a PID in the airlock upon starting the level. To earn maximum bonus points, the PID must be removed before disposing of any objects.


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Tips and Trivia Edit

Gravity Core

The Gravity Core with it's control console in front of it.

  • The level Gravity Drive is a direct reference to the 1997 horror/science fiction film Event Horizon. This can be deduced by the nearly identical appearance of the gravity core and it's room to the movie's "singularity drive" of a similar function.
    • One of the Personal Identification Devices lists Dr. Sam Neill, referencing the actor who was in the film Event Horizon. One of the Electronic Documents also is attributed to Dr. Sam Neill.
    • Another text mentions "The Morpheus", referencing actor Laurence Fishburne and one of his most famous movie roles, Morpheus, from The Matrix series.
    • The text "The Dark Inside Me" can be seen on the ceiling of the lower floor to the left of the airlock.
  • Two large planets, orange and light-blue, both with very large craters in one side can be seen outside the widows in this level. They appear to be re-sized and re-coloured versions of each other, as their shape is identical.
    • Another larger light-blue planet can be seen outside of the airlock on the other side of the level.

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