The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun as seen when brought to the Office.

The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun (or simply Lightning Gun) is a weapon found in several levels in Viscera Cleanup Detail, including Cryogenesis, Gravity Drive, and Revolutionary Robotics.


The HVC-Mk9 Lightning Gun as seen in Unreal Tournament.

The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun is a nearly identical version of the HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun found in RuneStorm's "Ballistic Weapons" modification for Unreal Tournament (RuneStorm being Viscera Cleanup Detail's developer as well). In one of RuneStorm's forum entries, it is described as "The HVC-Mk9 Lightning gun is an extremely fun weapon, capable of lifting enemies into the air or throwing them into space. The tactics and techniques of using this great weapon are numerous and we'll leave it up to you discover them all..." However, none of this is possible in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Notes Edit

  • The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun must be removed from the level in order to obtain a perfect score upon punching out.
  • HVC Mk9 Lightning Guns are seen as responsible for creating the lightning scars found in several levels. Lightning scars can be removed with the Laser Welder in an identical fashion to other bullet holes or robot footprints.
    Lightning Gun

    The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun as it appears in Cryogenesis.

  • The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun cannot be used or in any way activated by the player, although it is still indicated as functional by several Ending Messages regarding the subject.
  • The HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun is indicated as using a toggle design trigger by a corresponding Ending Message.

A lightning scar.


vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the several machines and objects, including the HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun, similarly to the Slosh-O-Matic when it is to dispense human remains. Reading the advertisement, it is revealed that the company manufacturing the HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun is known as Sith & Sons, and that the HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun was to cost 2599.99 Vaders (probably a form of currency in Viscera Cleanup Detail) among other information. The advertisement reads as follows:

The advertisement for the HVC Mk9 Lightning Gun.

"Sith & Sons

HVC Mk9 Lighting Gun, Pure Power!

The ultimate in non-lethal lethality, the stunning new Mk9 delivers a significantly higher charge than previous models.

For your everday mutant sedation to hardcore Krao riot control, the Mk9 does it all.

This ultimate tool will set you back a princely *2599.99 Vaders. But can you really put a price on godlike power?"

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