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Mops found in the Office.

The mop is one of the three primary cleaning devices in Viscera Cleanup Detail. It is a permanent part of the player's inventory in every level, and can only be removed using Developer Console commands.

Several unused mops are found in the Office. These mops behave as regular items, which can be moved and placed elsewhere in the Office. There is a slight bug which causes the front end of the mop to sometimes get "stuck" in the floor, against a wall, or on a shelf.

The mop worldmodel is detected as inorganic trash by the Sniffer. This has no effect on regular gameplay in official levels, as separate mops do not appear anywhere but the Office. However, they can be added into custom Steam Workshop levels, in which case they must be removed in order to obtain a perfect score.

Usage Edit

  • Mops on shelf

    Two mops in their niche in the Office.

    The mop can be selected either by scrolling the mouse wheel, or by pressing "1" on the keyboard (which can be changed in the options menu).
  • Using the primary trigger (left-click by default) with the mop selected will thrust the mop forward and back. If this is done on or near a mess, the mess will begin to fade. Depending on the size of the mess, it may take multiple swipes of the mop to completely clear the area. The mop can be used to clean up messes on any reachable area on walls, ceilings, floors, and stationary objects.
  • The mop creates a small splash radius each time it is used, meaning players may clean certain messes without ever actually touching them with the mop (e.g. mopping part of a wall may clean part of a mess on the floor). However the mop must be used on or near the center of larger messes, as they would be outside of the mop's splash radius while mopping the outer edges.
  • Mopbucketsign

    The mop, a bucket, and two wet floor signs.

    As the player uses the mop, it will become dirty in stages, until it is fully saturated. This is visually noticeable by mess dripping off the end of the mop, and the handle being covered in whatever color mess the player was cleaning. At this point of saturation, attempting to clean an area will instead leave a large splatter the color of the saturated mop, adding to the existing mess. Note that the mop can become saturated much faster when mopping large messes or pools of blood - sometimes with only one or two swipes.
  • To clean a mop, it must be "used" on a bucket filled with clean water (although other sources exist, such as toilet bowls). The player must take care to not knock over a bucket while thrusting the mop at it, so it is suggested to clean the mop with the bucket directly below the player (the player may stand on top of a bucket). Buckets with clean water can be obtained from the Slosh-O-Matic, and can be used to clean a mop about 5-6 times before becoming completely dirty and a new source of mess (visible by dark stains on the outside of the bucket). If the player uses a clean (or non-saturated) mop on a dirty bucket, the mop will become fully saturated with mess the color of the water in the bucket. This may also occur in dirty water found in the trophy room of the Office or in the Waste Disposal level.
  • Using the primary trigger near or on objects will lightly push the object away from the impact point, meaning some degree of care must be taken to keep from knocking over certain objects.
  • The mop has 4 uses. if you hit two spots at the same time however, the uses go down, due to the fact that you are hitting two areas at once. On the first use, it will look a little bit bloodied, after the second, it will become even more bloodied. After that it is nearly covered in blood, any uses after this, and it will be completely covered in blood.
  • Knocking over a bucket will require all the uses of the mop, and depending on the degree of the blood stain, fake ones, or real ones may require the whole mop too. Hitting the mop once however will only mean you need to hit it again (With a clean mop), to clean it back up.
  • Using the secondary trigger (right-click by default) will cause the player to swiftly swing the mop forward, hitting walls or objects with much greater force. Although this method will not remove any mess, it can be used to knock objects out of tight or unreachable spaces, or to "sweep" small objects together (in the absence of a Broom).
    • According to the developers, this "attack"-style feature was not implemented for any particular reason other than to give a bit more personality to the Janitor character, allowing a way to "vent frustration". Its use for dislodging stuck objects (and as a weapon in multiplayer mode) was an unintended, but useful, side effect.



The advertisement for the mop.

vendor has a small chance of dispensing an advertisement for the mop. According to the advertisement, the mop's official model name is the "A-Series Space-Mop", manufactured by Clack Wheel Industrial Sanitation Inc. The advertisement reads as follows:

"Black Wheel Industrial Sanitation Inc.
The new A-Series Space-Mop is here!
With its sleek ergonomic design and Haladium Yellow paint job.
The new A-Series Space-Mop is a work of art.
With just a single swab of its tentacle design head, it's goodbye mess! Proven to remove all tough stains, no matter the cause.
Pre-Order now for only *55.99 Vaders!"

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