Organizations in Viscera Cleanup Detail consist of the company the player works for (Aerospace Sanitation Inc.), clients that hire Aerospace Sanitation workers to clean up after disasters at their facilities, worker unions, military outfits, and manufacturers of products seen in the game.

Aerospace Sanitation Inc.Edit

Aerospace Sanitation Inc. (often simply referred to as "The Company") is a cleaning and sanitation-based company set apart from other companies by its "no-refusal" policy. Aerospace Sanitation Inc. is the player's employer and supplier of most janitorial equipment, including the Punchomatic.

The Office is assumed to be part of the main Aerospace Sanitation Inc. facility.



vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for Aerospace Sanitation Inc. instead of the item requested. The advertisement reads as follows:

The Only No-Refusal Sanitation Workforce!
Aerospace Sanitation Inc.
With over 50 years of service, Aerospace Sanitation have tackled countless cleanup jobs across the galaxy!

No job is too tough, no job is too unusual, no job is too clandestine for Aerospace Sanitation's unique services.

We'll cleanup your mess! Premium package now *1,299,999 Vaders!

Exo-Planetary Liberation CorpsEdit

Exo-Planetary Liberation Corps is a military-based company. Although no member of this company is seen during actual gameplay, they are hinted at numerous times in several 'Mission Log' Electronic Documents, and are often presumed responsible for putting an end to the incidents in several levels.



vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the Exo-Planetary Liberation Corps instead of the item requested. The advertisement reads as follows:

The Balls of the Galaxy

Exo-Planetary Liberation Corps

When there's an invasion, our squad of ultimate badasses will protect you!

Our alien blasting, roach slaying, steroid driven army of hardcore Star Troopers will kick ass in your target area. We've got tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, sonic electronic hull-breakers. We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks!

Lets kick some alien ass, double time!


According to the game's developers, FUCTU (Fair Unemployment Compensation and Treatment Union) is a worker union "famous for its public displays where they routinely call out companies who violate labor laws. They also love slandering heroes and anyone who is not of the working class."[1]

The relationship between Aerospace Sanitation Inc. and labor unions like FUCTU is described by the developers as follows:

"[They] usually let each other go about their business, but ASI is not happy with unions at all and treat any Janitors who join the union with great distrust and contempt. Because of the Unions, ASI have to give the Janitors more stuff.

By law they both sort of follow the book, but in secret ASI would love nothing more than Unions to be demolished and their members terminated."[1]

Huxley TechnologiesEdit

The Huxley Technologies logo can be seen on wall-mounted boxes and incubation pods in Incubation Emergency.



OmniCorp's Logo.

OmniCorp is credited with several important advancements in various technology found throughout the game. The level Revolutionary Robotics takes place within one of OmniCorp's space stations.

"OmniCorp" is a reference to the movie franchise RoboCop, in which the robotics company is known as "Omni Consumer Products" ("OCP" for short). Revolutionary Robotics costains numerous references to the movie.



vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for OmniCorp instead of the item requested. The advertisement reads as follows:

OmniPresent. OmniPotent. OmniScient.

OmniCorp Collaborative Solutions

When it comes to mechanized solutions, OmniCorp is the only choice!

From household droids to full on war machines or urban combat mechs, Omni corp literally has it all!

Using only the most precise engineering techniques and state of the art materials, our creations are to die for!

Limited Edition Companion Droid on sale now!

Psy. CoEdit


The Psy. Co logo can be seen on wall-mounted boxes in Caduceus and Evil Science, as well as ceiling-mounted boxes in the underground laboratory in Frostbite. "Psy. Co" is pronounced phonetically as "psycho", meaning crazy or unhinged.

Tzu-Do ScienceEdit

Tzu-Do Science is pronounced phonetically as "pseudo-science", meaning not genuine or fake science. Its logo can be seen in several places in several levels including Caduceus, Cryogenesis, Evil Science, and Frostbite.


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