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Overgrowth is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level Briefings Edit


Details surrounding the incident that occurred here are sketchy and inconsistent, however that must not deter you from your duties as an expendable employee.

The area of undergrowth and forest outside the facility, as well as interior yards, are to be searched thoroughly and cleaned immediately.

The company is expecting more Special Forces teams and other officials to visit the site for further inspection and investigation, once you have completed your operations.
So with that in mind, make certain there is no evidence of the previous incident remaining.

Now get to it!

Respawn brief Edit

Sketchy intel from the planet's surface suggests a former sanitation technician has perished.
We presume them lost in the jungle, or worse.

Whatever is going on down there, we advise extreme caution.

Ensure the outpost is cleaned, and above all free of said employee's remains, if found.

Exercise care when working near your colleagues, they are to be treated with great suspicion.

The company will not permit further incompetence, so get to it!"


Overgrowth appears as a small courtyard walkway surrounding a small garden-like area. A tunnel connects this room to another smaller room filled with several plants and the Vendor. Another curved tunnel leads to an open forest stretching the perimeter of the facility, with high rocks around the border of the area preventing the player from walking too far away from the facility. The forest eventually leads to a raised-platform with another central garden. Another smaller forest can be accessed from a set of stairs on the far end opposite to the facility.

Original Map Source
VCD 4 WIKI - Overgrowth 1

Starting Area

VCD 4 WIKI - Overgrowth 2

Main Area

VCD 4 WIKI - Overgrowth 3

Third Area

Map Key

Equipment Edit

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Stack crates in the designated area(s).
  • Stack barrels in the designated area(s).
Note: there are multiple designated stacking areas in this level, but there is no distinction between them other than item type (barrel vs crate). It will count the same toward the player's score whether or not the objects are split between their two Stacking Areas, or placed all in one area (with the other empty). The screenshots in the gallery do show barrels grouped by color, but that is not mandatory for this level.

Incident Reports Edit

Incident Particulars: Aliens, Guns, Military, Rituals

Number of Dead Aliens: 0

Number of Shell Casings: 36

Number of Bullet Holes: 56

The number of items incinerated can be found in the code of the player's save file. The player should save his/her game, navigate to his/her save file, open it in Notepad (or TextEdit for iOS), then press CRTL+F and search for NumIncinerated. The proceeding number is how many items have been incinerated during the player's game.

Locations of cadavers and their causes of death:

  1. On ground near Janitor's Trunk: Shot, Eviscerated, Dismembered, Halved, Sliced, Slain
  2. Start area, in corner of barrel-stacking area, at base of long blood streak: Dragged, Eviscerated, Slain
  3. In the wooded area next to the Janitor's Trunk: Sliced, Slain, Ritualized, Other
  4. Next to Vendor: Thrown, Slain, Impact
  5. To the left as you exit the main tunnel from the start point to the woods: Dragged, Eviscerated, Halved, Sliced, Slain
  6. Just before Slosh-o-Matic, on main path (as you go from start area to the incinerator): Shot, Eviscerated, Thrown, Dismembered, Halved, Sliced, Slain
  7. Between Slosh-o-Matic and Bin Dispenser, on main path: Eviscerated, Thrown, Decapitated
  8. Just before the steps up to the incinerator area, on the right: Slain
  9. Between incinerator and Punch-o-Matic, on ground, furthest from incinerator:
  10. Between incinerator and Punch-o-Matic, on ground, closer to incinerator than the previous cadaver: Shot, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  11. Between incinerator and Punch-o-Matic, in alcove: Shot, Eviscerated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  12. In the wooden area in the center of the incinerator area: Sliced, Slain, Ritualized, Other
  13. Incinerator area, down the steps to the enclosed forest area, cadaver in green: Sliced, Slain
  14. Incinerator area, down the steps to the enclosed forest area, cadaver without skin: Sliced, Slain, Ritualized, Other

There are 5 PIDs in the woods along the outer rock wall. They are all close to each other. If the player stands with his/her back to the rocks, facing the Bin Dispenser, three are in an outer arc and two are immediately next to each other, closer to the Bin Dispenser.

  1. Outer arc, furthest left: Sliced, Slain, Ritualized, Other
  2. Outer arc, center: Sliced, Slain, Ritualized, Other
  3. Outer arc, furthest right: Sliced, Slain, Ritualized, Other
  4. The left of the adjacent pair: Eviscerated, Decapitated, Slain, Ritualized
  5. The right of the adjacent pair: Eviscerated, Decapitated, Slain, Ritualized

A full guide for all maps can be found here.

Data LogsEdit

Date: 05/10/2184
Time: 11:09 GST
Identification: Carl Dillon
Title: Operations Officer

The extraction rates are still on par with our estimates, even with the secondary extraction wheel down for maintenance.

Unobtainium deposits are a staggering 321 parts per million in some areas.
With the amount of wealth we get from these deposits, we'll have all we need to fuel the attached colony's development.

If I could just get to the bottom of these disappearences...

I don't know if people are simply getting lost in the jungle, or if there's some wild animal out there.
Whatever the case, I've tried to keep suspicions to a minimum in order to maintain our dwindling efficiency.

Date: 25/10/2184
Time: 14:52 GST
Identification: Mjr. Dutch Kruger
Title: If It Bleeds, I can Kill It

Primary Objective:
Search for any survivors and discover the reason for breakdown of communication with the outposts.

Secondary Objective:
Shoot from the hip!

A Beta-Terra outpost on Planet 3-J has ceased communication.
You are to proceed to the Starport LZ and then make your way inside in search of personnel and any evidence as to the cause of the communication failure.
It could be just a downed transmitter, but if it's not, then we want you and your team on the ground.
Secure the processing facility. We're counting on you, Dutch...

Notes GalleryEdit


See also: Collectibles

There is an Easter Egg hidden inside a fern in a small patch of forest to the right of the tunnel exiting into the main area of the level.

A small, pixelated switch can be found behind a pipe in the far upper corner of the map, in the small forested area off the platform that contains the Incinerator. Activating the switch will cause a Shovel to be dropped behind the player. Players can then use that Shovel to "dig" away a large pile of sand disguised as a perimeter rock near the tunnel first leading to the main forest area. Behind this rock is a small cave using the same blocky-style graphics as Minecraft, and a Minecraft pickaxe balanced on a raised rock near the center of the room.

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • Overgrowth 2

    The forest.

    The Laser Welder can be found lying in a clearing near the center of the forest.
  • Overgrowth references several franchises, including Predator franchise where an alien captures humans, skins them and hangs them from trees, and the movie Avatar, where a human colony is established to mine "unobtainium" from a heavily-forested planet.
    • One of the names found on notes and a PID is "Jim Hopper". Jim Hopper was one of the first victims discovered in "Predator".
    • A large curving structure can be seen in the sky surrounding the facility. Although this structure appears somewhat metallic, it may be a further reference to the film, Avatar, in which the skyline is dominated by an extremely huge tree.
    • The collectible pickaxe is a well-hidden reference to the popular sandbox game, Minecraft.
  • Trash is hidden in several areas in the areas dense with plant-life. This makes it quite difficult to obtain a perfect score without the use of the Sniffer to find hidden objects.
  • Several invisible walls are in place above the rocks that form the perimeter of the forest sections in this level. This is to prevent the player from stacking objects such as crates or using the J-HARM to scale these rocks and escape the level.
  • Three skinned corpses can be found hanging by their feet from several trees in a hidden area towards the middle of the forest (across from the What A Load Disposal Bins machine). One skinned corpse can also be found hanging from a tree in the central garden closest to the Incinerator. Players can either use the J-HARM to grab them, or shoot them down with the Laser Welder.

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