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The Personal Data Assistant (or simply PDA) for short is a tool in Viscera Cleanup Detail. It was added in version 0.6.

Appearance Edit


The Personal Data Assistant.

The Personal Data Assistant appears identical to the standard Electronic Document, aside from a slightly different screen appearance. Unlike the Electronic Document, the contents of the Personal Data Assistant can be edited.

Usage Edit

The Personal Data Assistant can be accessed by pressing the "5" key by default. Once switched to, the Personal Data assistant will show the level's briefing message and take control of the player's cursor, allowing them to click the "Notes" tab and browse through a number of separate pages and enter text in each. Players can enter text by simply clicking on the text field and typing what they desire. More pages are added simply by typing something in the last page, this then creates another page you can switch to, giving you an infinite number of pages to work with.

Players can then exit the Personal Data Assistant by pressing escape, pressing the cancel button on the Personal Data Assistant's screen, or by switching to another tool.

Players may also use the Personal Data Assistant to view their corresponding player details, such as the player's age, name and occupation.

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