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Painted Eggs (or Easter Eggs) are special collectibles hidden throughout 3 levels in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Painted Eggs are small eggs decorated in a bright, vividly coloured pattern. Three variations can be found in Athena's Wrath, Hydroponic Hell, and Overgrowth. When all three are collected and brought back to The Office via the Janitor's Trunk, the player will unlock the "Eggregious" achievement.

Athena's Wrath Edit

The Painted Egg in Athena's Wrath features a colorful rainbow design, and can be found hidden in some plants at the second to last window alcove.


Hydroponic Hell Edit

The Painted Egg in Hydroponic Hell features a green, orange, and yellow design, and can be found hidden in the last planter in the far left corner of the bottom floor (to the right of the elevator, against the back wall).


Overgrowth Edit

The Painted Egg in Overgrowth appears a reddish hue, and can be found hidden in the bushes behind a tree to the left of the tunnel leading into the main forested area.


There is no limit to how many painted eggs the player can bring back to the Office as they reappear each time the levels are replayed.

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