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Paintenance tunnels is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level BriefingsEdit


As you are well aware, 'The Verne', Neptech's Aquatic Sub-Station, was overrun and decimated by interloping entities.

The Verne is presently ruined, filthy and unsafe for human habitation.
Nevertheless, you have a job to do.

Due to the difficulty in getting you to this location, and the expenditure involved, we are issuing you, and the operation, an F-Class safety protocol.
You've been warned...

Move with haste and perform your duties as required of you, and we may not need to dock your pay to recoup excessive operational expenses.

Respawn brief Edit

Your former colleague is presumed to have perished somewhere within the station.

Due to the difficulty of sending you in as a replacement, and the expenditure involved, you will be working without pay.
If you do not perform your job adequetly, we will have no choice but to terminate your contract.

The Deep Sea Recovery Vehicle will be leaving at 1300 hours, if you fail to finish the job sufficiently by that time, you will not be on-board.


The map consists of a small collection of narrow, poorly lit corridors and tunnels.

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VCD-wiki - Paintenance
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Primary Objectives Edit

  • Clean the level of any blood and viscera, and dispose of any trash and bullet casings.
  • Destroy the several tentacles found throughout the level.
  • Fix any bullet holes found.
  • Restock the three First Aid Kits in the level.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Incident Reports Edit

Incident Particulars: Aliens, Guns, Mutations, Military, Deadly Fauna

Number of Dead Aliens: 4

Number of Shell Casings: 92

Number of Bullet Holes: 52

The number of items incinerated can be found in the code of the player's save file. The player should save his/her game, navigate to his/her save file, open it in Notepad (or TextEdit for iOS), then press CRTL+F and search for NumIncinerated. The proceeding number is how many items have been incinerated during the player's game.

Locations of cadavers and their causes of death:

  1. Bin dispenser room: Eviscerated, Slain
  2. Tunnel from bin dispenser room to main intersection: Eviscerated, Thrown, Dismembered, Halved, Sliced, Slain, Impact
  3. Hallway from main intersection to Vendor room, closer to main intersection: Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Sliced, Slain
  4. Hallway from main intersection to Vendor room, closer to Vendor room: Eviscerated, Dismembered, Halved, Sliced, Slain
  5. In corner of room/hallway with Slosh-O-Matic: Dragged, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  6. Next to Slosh-O-Matic: Eviscerated, Thrown, Dismembered, Halved, Slain, Impact
  7. Corner of hallway between incinerator and barrel-stacking area, PID on right (closer to sealed door): Eviscerated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  8. Corner of hallway between incinerator and barrel-stacking area, PID on left: Eviscerated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain

A full guide for all maps can be found here.

Data LogsEdit

Date: 08/12/2184
Time: 19:42 GST
Identification: Dr. Pescador
Title: Marine Biologist

Given the state of things down here, we won't be going home for scienemas...again!

Dr. Rekk believes the creature we picked up on our scans could be the mother of our specimens.
We may poke fun at him for his name, but the good Doctor might be onto something.

Any day now we're gonna see that massive thing through the windows, I'm not content to wait.

I'm taking one of the UEVs.
Gonna see what I can see in the sea.

If I don't make it, tell my husband...
Tell him I went to look for a better one.

Date: 10/12/2184
Time: 12:31 GST
Identification: Dr. Rekk, Tim
Title: Marine Biologist

It's been two months since we discovered what we're calling specimen X.
A fascinating marine lifeform that inhabits this planet's oceans.

We were unable to determine the sex of the specimens, which lead us to wonder where they came from.

Recently we found out. There's something down here, something we didn't pick up, and it's HUGE!
At least 5 miles in diameter, and moving.

We fear it may be our subjects' mother, they grow increasingly restless as she nears.

Notes GalleryEdit

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • The word "donate" is written in blood on one of the glass portals near the Slosh-O-Matic.
  • The words "Join us" are written in blood on one of the glass portals near the barrel stacking area.
  • In combination with often poor and generally blue lighting, alien blood in this level is generally very light in colour, and can be quite easy to unintentionally track around the level or cover one's mop with.

    One of the smaller tentacle models.

  • This level takes place in the Aquatic Substation, "The Verne" (quite probably a reference to the novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne).
  • As indicated by several documents present in the level, the station is supposedly located below the ocean of an unnamed, non-Earth planet.
  • As indicated by several documents present in the level, prior to the events taking place in the Paintenance Tunnels, an unnamed creature could be heard "banging on the hull" of the base.
  • Paintenance Tunnels is one of only four levels confirmed to be on actual planets, the others being Unrefinery, Unearthly Excavation, and Athena's Wrath.
  • As of version 0.40, several tentacles of varying sizes can be seen scattered throughout this level. It is unknown as to which creature they originally belonged to.
    • Tentacles or other alien body parts may be rather large and unwieldy to carry through the level and place in the Incinerator. Because of this, it is recommended that players use the Laser Welder to break down or even completely incinerate these objects before attempting to move them.
  • There are many trap doors scattered across the map, similar to the trap door found in the Office. These trap doors, however, are not able to be opened, and are purely for aesthetic purposes.
  • One of the heads from the aliens found in this level is needed for the 'head hunter' achievement.

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