A Pit Monster (also occasionally known as a Vagina, or Sand Monster) is a type of alien hazard only appearing in the level Unearthly Excavation in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Pit Monster

A Pit Monster, as viewed from above.

Appearance Edit

The Pit Monster appears as a large, pulsating pink "mouth" lined with several large teeth protruding from its sides. Akin to a rather, deformed in appearance, vaginal opening with teeth; hence its occasionally referred to namesake. Surrounding the top of this mouth is a light-brown ring of lumpy flesh, similar in appearance to dirty stones. Pit Monsters are always seen with a ring of medium-sized, dark coloured stones surrounding their mouth.

Notes Edit

  • Although the Pit Monster does not directly "hunt" the player, and in fact, cannot move, it still presents a fairly large threat if the player is to fall into the creature by accident. Falling into a Pit Monster is one of the few ways a player may die in the game. Pit Monsters will also consume any items that fall into them, allowing them to be used as a way to dispose of items without using the Incinerator. However, there is a chance that they will regurgitate a random amount of these objects each time they are fed along with several gobs of light green slime, so they should not be used as the sole disposal method.
Pit Monster Gif

The Pit Monster being "fed" a small piece of viscera.

  • The only way to neutralize the Pit Monster is to fill its mouth with enough sand that the creature is entirely covered. This can be done with the shovel. It takes approximately 40 scoops of sand to completely fill a Pit Monster. Once completely filled, they will become safe to walk over and place items on. In order to receive a perfect score upon completion of a level, all Pit Monsters must be completely filled. However, it should be noted that players can use the Shovel to remove this sand for any reason, if they desire.
  • Be sure to aim for the very center of the Pit Monster when filling it with sand. Each correctly-placed shovelful will cause the sand to rise. If it doesn't, the sand was either not dumped in the right spot, or it is full.
  • The center of the Pit Monsters have no contact area, and simply consist of a trigger to remove any items placed into them and to kill the player if they step into it. Prior to a later collision area fix, the light-brown ring or flesh around its "mouth" was also not solid, meaning it is currently quite possible for items to become stuck inside them. This means that blood and other messes could lay underneath the Pit Monster without being visible to the player. However, these messes could still be detected with the sniffer and removed with the mop. This appeared particularly relevant with the Pit Monster closest to the starting area of Unearthly Excavation. It was often possible to dislodge stuck items with the Mop or even incinerate them with the Laser Welder, however.

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