"OmniPresent. OmniPotent. OmniScient. OmniCorp!" –Omnicorp

Revolutionary Robotics is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level BriefingsEdit


As they are an important benefactor, it is imperative that you sanitize and restore this Omnicorp facility with due haste and diligence.
Officials are waiting anxiously for your work to be complete so as to return the facility to full operational status.

A repeat of the fault occurring in AI sub-routines seems highly unlikely, so do not be alarmed by the non-organic entities still stationed here.

Work fast, work hard, work competently, work discreetly!

Respawn BriefEdit

Unconfirmed reports indicate that a former sanitation workman has died in the line of duty.

It is not clear what caused their death, so caution is advised!

Ensure the facility is once more operational, and above all devoid of any anomalies.
Please exercise prudence when in the vicinity of your fellow workmen, they are to be treated as suspects.

The company will not allow any more failures, accidental or otherwise...


Revolutionary Robotics consists of two large, brightly-lit lobby-type rooms with the company's various creations on display, connecting to a network of smaller hallways. These hallways connect to a conference room, and a network of more "industrial" looking areas, including a display room, bathroom, and a surveillance room, locked behind a pass-code protected door.

Original Map Source
VCD 4 WIKI - Revolutionary Robotics - FF

First Floor

VCD 4 WIKI - Revolutionary Robotics - SF

Second Floor

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Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Replace all 7 broken Spartan Phoenix guns and restock their ammunition. Spartan guns are mounted on ceilings throughout the level.
  • Remove all domestabots and droids that can be picked up. The Sniffer does not detect these as trash, but failure to remove them from the level reduces the player's score, and produces an ending message in The Office.

Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Stack crates in their designated areas. There are two of them, on either side of the showroom. Note that white cardboard boxes count as crates, and can be stacked for extra points.
  • Stack barrels in their designated area.
  • Find all 34 Personal Identification Devices, bring them to the Punchomatic, and fill out reports.
    • Shell casings and bullet holes produced by Spartan Phoenix guns firing after the start of the level do not count towards the numbers that should be listed in the report.

Spartan Phoenix gunsEdit

Revolutionary Robotics contains 7 broken turret guns called "Spartan Phoenix" guns that are mounted on ceilings. They must be removed, replaced with new guns from the vendor, and loaded with ammo (also from the vendor) before punching out of the level.

Spartan Phoenix guns are activated by blue security fields in the main doorways and corridors. The player may pass through these fields unharmed, and will only hear an audible beep. However, if the player carries or throws certain objects through the field, they will trigger an alarm and activate any operational Spartan guns in visual range, which will fire at the object.

Several objects will trigger Spartan guns, including (but not liminted to) bins, buckets, certain cardboard boxes, and the Laser Welder. Throwing the Laser Wielder though a blue security field will not trigger a Spartan gun, but walking through a blue field while holding it will trigger nearby guns. Throwing bins, buckets, or cardboard boxes through a security field will always trigger nearby guns.

When a Spartan Phoenix gun fires, it creates spent shell casings and bullet holes that must be cleaned up. Firing at the player will create blood splatters, and body parts if the player is killed. Spartan guns will continue to fire until the object (or the player) is destroyed or out of range. For this reason, replacing and loading the guns should be the very last task to complete, so the player will not have to continually dodge hazards while trying to clean the level.

Ammo Loading GuideEdit


This article or section contains a guide, tutorial, or walkthrough for Viscera Cleanup Detail or one of its expansions. The following content may be based solely on the opinion of the author(s). It may or may not be helpful, accurate, or complete.

This guide was graciously posted by n00bdragon in a Steam Discussion. It has been copied here verbatim.

It's important to do the turrets in something of an order. This works best if you get all the turret installation supplies to their turret locations before starting. So lay out one gun and one ammo pack underneath each mounting point and have the rest of the level 100% clean. Here's what I did:

  1. The turret in the spawn room. Use the J-Harm to get up to the turret, install everything, then close it up, pick up the J-Harm, and back towards the sensor. With your back right up against the sensor wait until the turret has turned 180 degrees away from you and then back up as fast as you can. Make sure to dodge around the corner next to the water dispenser. The gun will alert, but if you are fast enough it will never get to fire a shot. Once the alert goes away you can continue about your business.
  2. The gun outside the security room. Just install with the J-Harm and then walk away. There's not much danger from this one.
  3. Turret in the double stairs room: Again, use the J-Harm. No risk.
  4. Turret at the punch out station. Ditto.
  5. Here's where it gets tricky. I don't know how to keep this gun from shooting but you can minimize the damage and cleanup. First things first make sure the laser welder is in that big room already for when you need to clean up. Next, use the J-Harm to install the turret. Now, carefully pick the J-Harm and back down the stairs until your back is at the sensor. Wait for the turret to face 180 degrees away and then back up through the sensor, using the J-Harm to shield you as you dodge around the corner into the bathroom. Wait for the alert to end before setting down the J-Harm, returning to the top of the stairs, and cleaning up any bullet holes/bullet casings (should be only 2 or 3 if you were fast).
  6. Hallway turret, just use the J-Harm to install. Be careful as you leave this spot to stay against the wall of the hallway to the lobby as you will alert that turret on the way out. However, if you are careful you will not be visible and escape any harm/mess. Be quick though, just in case.
  7. Now you have the J-Harm in the lobby and can install the last turret. Once done, leave the J-Harm there as you cannot safely remove it from the room, go to the punch out station and finish.

Bob's NoteEdit

Bob's note can be found on top of a box in the corner of the barrel stacking area (in the room with the Incinerator). It is dated 07/02/2184.

RR Bob Note

Bob's letter.

Bob 07/02/2184
Junior Executive Janitor
I'm getting close to the docking station. I can't risk taking the station tram system, they'll find me straight away!

I think I'm in some sort of robotics factory, there are display models everywhere.
Worst is the automated defenses, I'm really going to have to be careful as I make my way through to the docking station...I want off this hunk of metal!

With luck I can find a transport bound for an outer colony. I'll kill whoever I have to to get out.

They must never find me!


  • Pill-case containing red and blue pills, located inside the toilet in the last toilet stall on the right in the bathroom.

Movie & TV ReferencesEdit

Revolutionary Robotics contains multiple references to popular movies and television shows. Some of the more prominent references are listed below.

Breaking BadEdit

In the conference room, there is a PID belonging to Mr. White, along with an electronic document mentioning "the empire business". This is a reference to the TV series Breaking Bad.

Demolition ManEdit

References to the movie Demolition Man include bathrooms containing three seashells instead of toilet paper and a deceased employee named "John Spartan" in one of the bathroom stalls.


One of the notes in Revolutionary Robotics is written by the janitor, "Roger Workman". This is a reference to a particular scene in the TV show "Lost".[1]


Revolutionary Robotics references the movie franchise RoboCop in many places, including a robot bearing a strong resemblance to the ED-209, a body draped over a model city, a note mentioning building a robot with a human brain, and an employee named "Mr. Kinney".



The E-1000 Eliminator

The E-100 Eliminator robot bears a strong resemblance to The Terminator from the Terminator movie franchise. An advertising poster in the hallway contains the text "Skyweb Technologies".

The MatrixEdit

The hidden collectible in Revolutionary Robotics is a small case with two pills, one red and one blue. It can be found in the last toilet stall on the right-hand side of the bathroom. This is a reference to the movie The Matrix, where the blue and red pills represent the protagonist's choice of either embracing the pain of reality, or continuing to live in the bliss of illusion.

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • The code for the surveillance room door is 2145.
  • RR-SecurityVid

    One of the security monitors

    Revolutionary Robotics features several cameras, all of which broadcast on screens in the surveillance room. The player may use these cameras by pressing the primary trigger (left-click by default) with the hands selected on the desired screen. The screen will then show that camera's point of view, and the player can move the camera in a limited range. Use the secondary trigger (right-click by default) to exit.
  • Revolutionary Robotics introduced several cardboard boxes of varying sizes to the game. Each counts as a standard crate, and can be stacked to gain extra points.
  • Revolutionary Robotics is one of the only levels to contain more than one Laser Welder by default, with three in total scattered throughout the level.
  • Although Revolutionary Robotics appears to take place on a planet, it is revealed through several notes that this is not the case. It is instead located on a large space station.
  • Revolutionary Robotics contains several robots, including "Domestabots". Domestabots appear as short, slim humanoid androids, similar in appearance to crash-test dummies. Domestabots can be found standing upright on pedestals or on the ground in several pieces. All of them must be removed from the level in order to obtain a perfect score.
  • There is a bullet hole in the base of the table holding the model city in the conference room that can be very difficult to see.
  • Failure to replace ammo in Spartan Phoenix guns produces a potentially confusing news article in the Office about Domestabots.
  • Spartan Phoenix ammo can be used as a weapon in multiplayer mode, by destroying it with the Laser Welder. The v1.092 update changed its explosive radius from random to directional, so it can be aimed.[2]

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