Rust-Station East
Vcd thumb rust-station east
The starting area of Rust-Station East
General Information
Type Abandoned Industrial Basement
Par-Time 31 minutes and 13 seconds
Location Unknown
Company Unknown

Rust-Station East is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.


"The company requires that the facility be cleaned by no later than the following day.

Failure to have this dilapidated area cleansed for the commemorative plaque unveiling ceremony will result in your expeditious termination.

Any remaining filth will shame not only yourself, but also the company and the entire human race. Dishonouring of humanity's savior or the company with your actions will not be tolerated!"

Map OverviewEdit

This physically small map consists of a medium sized central area with two rooms connected by short narrow corridors, and several shallow corridors/recesses.

VCD3 - Rust-Station East

Rust-Station East.


Secondary ObjectivesEdit

  • Stack crates in the designated area.
  • Stack barrels in the designated area.

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • The word "run" is written in blood on a wall near the What A Load Disposal Bins machine.
  • The word "Die!" is written on the wall in the alcove near the corridor that leads to the incinerator.
    2016-02-26 00006

    One of the ledges with hidden viscera

  • There are hidden stains and viscera spread on top of high ledges and pipes which require the J-HARM tool to reach.
  • Uneven floors, poor lighting, and loose metal plates and covers on the floor of the main area can make this level particularly frustrating to find all small objects and stains.
  • There are four lanterns provided, with no means to acquire more.
  • This level has no associated achievement for completing it.

Image GalleryEdit

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