Zilla Pagoda
SW - Starting Area
The starting area of Zilla Pagoda
General Information
Type Yakuza Slaughter
Par-Time Unknown
Location Japan
Company Zilla Enterprize

Viscera Cleanup Deail: Shadow Warrior is a Shadow Warrior-themed expansion of Viscera Cleanup Detail. The level is medium-sized compared to most VCD maps. The player's role is to sanitize the Zilla Pagoda by removing the usual viscera and blood stains, along with katana-sliced Yakuza bodies, katanas and firearms, brass, broken art pieces and a few other level-specific objects.


SW Banner

The Viscera Cleanup Detail: Shadow Warrior banner.

"Zilla Enterprize demands that the pagoda be sanitized from top to bottom without delay! Failure to have the area cleaned prior to inspection time will result in immediate termination.

By taking this job you agree to complete and mandatory silence.

Dishonoring the company will not be tolerated. "A blind eye sees no wrongs".

Any valuables left about the pagoda are to be reported to Head Office immediately!

"Awareness precedes honour"

Map OverviewEdit

The map consists of an entryway with a water fountain, connected to a foyer with display cases. A large, open room follows, which houses the Slosh-O-Matic, What-a-Load Disposal Bins (rebranded Zilla Disposal Bins), Janitor's Trunk and Incinerator. It is followed by another foyer and another large, open room (similar to the previous one) housing another Slosh-O-Matic and another Incinerator. Behind is yet another foyer. Upstairs are two perimeter balconies looking down to the two main areas, connected by a small hallway.

Shadow Warrior Area 1

The first area of the map.

Shadow Warrior Area 2

The second area of the ground floor.

Shadow Warrior Upper floor

The upper floor area.


Differences from Viscera Cleanup DetailEdit

  • There are two incinerators in the map, as opposed to one.
  • There are also two bucket dispensers, as opposed to one.
  • The dispensers have Zilla Enterprize branding.
  • The Big Banger Radio is called the Funk-Ninja and it features a completely different model and skin.
  • The PIDs scattered around the map are dark metallic red with red highlights.
  • The main menu features a dark-red theme.
  • The player constantly makes funny remarks about the map condition, or any item he picks up, as opposed to being mute as in the normal game and every other DLC released so far.


The only collectibles in the Shadow Warrior DLC are 22 stacks of money. They are required to obtain the "Mr. Two Million Dollars" achievement.

SW - 2 Million

All 22 stacks of money and the briefcase.

The locations are detailed in this guide. 5 of them are inside a blood-stained brifecase. The player has to bring them back to the office via the Janitor's Trunk. (Prior to v1.07 the money had to be put inside the Trunk but it couldn't be brought back to the office since the DLC had not been merged into the main game)

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • Although the map is branded as large, it does not feature large amounts of mess. On the contrary, there are areas of the map with no viscera or even no blood stains at all.
  • It is the only map that includes two incinerators and two bucket dispensers, making cleaning up a much easier and quicker task.
  • There are several different weapons scattered around the map, including different types of katanas, a few pistols and a few SMGs.
  • The map does not include the Laser Welder, although after the v1.07 update it is possible to bring it via the Janitor's Trunk.
  • Prior to the v1.07 update there was no office to bring the money (or any other trophy) to, since the DLC had not been merged into the main game yet.
  • It is possible to clean the mop in the fountain at the map entrance.
  • The doors in Zilla Pagoda can be grabbed, although their behaviour is erratic and will return to their original state. They can be left completely open but the way to achieve this is completely random (as of v1.07).
  • There are no crates or barrels in this level, and therefore, there are no stacking areas built into the map (as of v1.07).

Image GalleryEdit

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