Sniffer Worldmodel

The sniffer worldmodel.

The Sniffer (or MuckGyver, as can be read on the side of the device) is one of the three primary cleaning tools in Viscera Cleanup Detail. The Sniffer is a special waste detection device used to 'sniff out' elusive waste items and "splats". It is accessed by pressing the "3" key on the keyboard or Dpad right on a controller by default, however, this can be changed in the options menu.

The Sniffer appears as a rounded orange/brown device with two green handles. The main box features a screen on the front, colored switches below it, and two switches on either side. The top "sniffer" piece is a short light green stalk with a nose-shaped tip. The lower handle is light green with ridges.

Modes Edit

The Sniffer has two modes: one for finding organic waste and one for finding inorganic waste. The organic mode is turned on by using the primary trigger (left-click by default) with the device equipped. The device will display a blue screen, and a rhythmic beeping sound may be heard. As the player gets closer to organic waste, the beeping will become higher-pitched and more frequent, and yellow/red/pink bars will grow longer from the bottom of the device's screen.

The inorganic mode is turned on by using the secondary trigger (right-click by default). This mode is similar to the organic mode, but the Sniffer's screen will turn green, and the beeping will be lower-frequency and less tonal. Proximity to inorganic waste will also cause the beeping to increase in rapidity and pitch, and blue bars will appear instead of yellow and pink.

There are many items the Sniffer will not detect in either mode. As a general rule, if the Sniffer does not detect an object, it does not have to be incinerated or otherwise removed from the map. However, the Sniffer will not detect incomplete non-waste-related tasks such as empty med-stations or unstacked barrels, nor will it detect unused buckets and bins, so a sharp eye is still required to obtain a perfect score.

Items can be detected anywhere in the map, may it be inside Disposal Bins, the Incinerator, the Janitor's Trunk, or even in other rooms. The only factor that can affect the Sniffer's readings are amount and distance from a mess.

Examples of detectable items Edit

Examples of detectable organic waste:

Sniffer Viewmodel

The sniffer, when detecting a large mess in the level Unearthly Excavation.

  • Blood Splats (Human and alien)
  • Viscera (Human and alien)
  • Dirty Buckets

The sniffer, when detecting nothing in the level Waste Disposal.

Examples of detectable inorganic waste:
  • Bullet Casings
  • Bullet Holes
  • Body Bags
  • Lightning Scars
  • Soot and scorch marks
  • Dirty Buckets
  • Paper Notes
  • Food or drink cans and bottles
  • Broken glass
  • Trash and trash bags
  • Used Solar Flares

Examples of undetectable items:


  • No one (including the game's developers) know how the MuckGyver works.[1]


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