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The Spartan Phoenix (or simply Spartan) is a roof mounted dual machine gun turret in Viscera Cleanup Detail. It is currently only found in Revolutionary Robotics.

Mechanics Edit

Viscera Cleanup Detail - Turret Tutorial03:10

Viscera Cleanup Detail - Turret Tutorial

A video tutorial of restocking the Spartan Phoenix by Smidge204.

This weapon can be obtained from the Vendor and placed on any one of seven roof mounts found throughout Revolutionary Robotics, but only after the player detaches the broken Spartan Phoenix. These mounts will also be surrounded in soot, which must be cleaned in order to obtain a perfect score.

After it becomes attached to its roof mount Edit

  • The player will hear a beeping sound akin to filling a First-Aid Station with First-Aid Supplies. This indicates that the device has been successfully attached. Make sure to orient the gun's base with the ceiling mount with left-click before trying to attach it with right-click.
  • The player must then load the gun with an ammo cartridge. These can be obtained from the Vendor. To install ammo in the gun, the player must simply hold the cartridge near the back slot of the gun and release it by right-clicking, which should cause it to snap into place.
  • It will then become activated. After this activation, the Spartan Phoenix will move to face it's default position and periodically rotate with a loud whirring sound. 
  • The Spartan will fire if the player crosses a blue forcefield holding either a bucket or bin regardless of what it is filled with, the large long white crates and the Height Assissted Relocation Machine will also set it off. 
  • Walking though field with the Plasma Wielder held will set the gun off but throwing the welder though the forcefield without touching it will not. 
  • A red laser guide will emit from the gun in a sort of 'armed' state when inorganic matter passes through the fields It then will proceed to shoot towards the object. Spartan bullets do extreme amounts of damage and will kill the player with 3 or 4 shots and the gun fires very quickly. 

Surviving the Gun Edit

  • Spartans kill very quickly and you should get out of its line of sight ASAP. In some rooms this is an easy feat; but in most it is not.
  • The best way to survive it is to install these turrets last.
  • If the Spartan Phoenix has targeted the player, it can then be destroyed with the Laser Welder, or simply deactivated by pressing the primary trigger (left-click by default) with the hands selected on the gun.
  • Bullets can be blocked somewhat with the bin or bucket by holding the item between you and the gun.

Trivia Edit

  • The Spartan Phoenix is named after the protagonist of the movie Demolition Man, John Spartan, and the villain, Simon Phoenix.
  • The Spartan Phoenix also requires an ammo clip to be installed before it will become operational. This clip can be obtained from the Vendor. The ammo clip holds exactly 50 bullets.
    • Spartans without ammo will still trigger a alert and aim and fire at the player but will click instead.
      Glitchy ammo

      The ammo clip after the level had been reloaded.

    • Prior to a later fix, when an ammo cartridge was left uninstalled outside of a gun and the level saved and reloaded, it would "expand" it's two bullet belts as if it had been connected to a turret. This could cause the object to become stuck in it's surroundings, especially when transferring it to the Office via the Janitor's Trunk. The ammo clip could still be installed in the turret and otherwise behaved identically to the original object, however.
  • The Spartan Phoenix is actually significantly longer than the Vendor. Upon exiting the Vendor, it can be seen enlarging to its final size. The Spartan Phoenix can also, in rare cases, become stuck in it's surroundings when this occurs.



The advertisement.

vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the several machines and objects, including the Spartan Phoenix, similarly to the Slosh-O-Matic when it is to dispense human remains. The advertisement reads as follows:

"Omni-Corp Collaborative Solutions

Spartan: Phoenix The ONLY Solution!

With its laser-guided twin barrels, the Spartan has always been a force to be reckoned with.

Combined with the Phoenix Edition's new AI, you have the ultimate security device!

Suitable for 'passifying' any threat, from terrormunists to your neighbor, or any would be villains.

Make the smart choice, choose danger!"

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