Splatter Station is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.

Level BriefingsEdit

Brief / Respawn BriefEdit

The company feels that the recent 'events' and purge of the station must not reflect badly on its reputation.

It is required that each and every corner of the facility be cleaned by friday, no delays!
Your conduct in this matter will reflect on your record and decide your continued employment.

We expect each and every employee to conduct themselves in a manner befitting the company's honour.


The map consists of a large L-shaped corridor with a medium sized room at either end, and two smaller corridors branching off of the central corridor.

Original Map Source
VCD 3 - wiki - Splatter Station
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Secondary ObjectivesEdit

Incident Reports Edit

Incident Particulars: Aliens, Guns, Military

Number of Dead Aliens: 0

Number of Shell Casings: 88

Number of Bullet Holes: 19

The number of items incinerated can be found in the code of the player's save file. The player should save his/her game, navigate to his/her save file, open it in Notepad (or TextEdit for iOS), then press CRTL+F and search for NumIncinerated. The proceeding number is how many items have been incinerated during the player's game.

Locations of cadavers and their causes of death:

  1. In barrel-stacking area: Dragged, Eviscerated, Thrown, Dismembered, Slain
  2. Next to Bin Dispenser: Eviscerated, Dismembered, Slain
  3. First corpse encountered in hallway from starting room: Eviscerated, Dismembered, Sliced, Slain
  4. Down single hallway with copper floors: Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  5. Down hallway with viscera on top of pipe: Eviscerated, Dismembered, Slain
  6. In corner of main hallway, between branching hallways and the incinerator: Eaten, Dragged, Eviscerated, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain
  7. Opposite incinerator, in dark corner: Eviscerated, Thrown, Dismembered, Slain
  8. Behind incinerator, in alcove: Dragged, Eviscerated, Thrown, Decapitated, Dismembered, Halved, Slain, Impact

A full guide for all maps can be found here.

Data LogsEdit

Date: 10/02/2184
Time: 17:31 GST
Identification: Mjr. Sarah Breaker
Title: Compulsive Destroyer

Primary Objective:
Clear the way to the Administration block.

Secondary Objective:
Break everything!

Make your way through this section of the facility until you reach the administration block.

Clear out any alien presence you encounter.

Tips and TriviaEdit

  • The words "God is dead" are written in blood on the wall in the main corridor.
  • This level has several body parts and various messes that can only be reached with the J-HARM.
  • Poor lighting and hidden viscera can make this level fairly hard to perfectly complete.
  • This was the first level made available in the game's alpha release.
  • There is no associated achievement for completing this level.

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