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Uprinsing is a level in Viscera Cleanup Detail.


The janitorial employees of Aerospace Sanitation Inc. have staged an uprising at one of its office buildings, demanding better working conditions. The coup has ended with the deaths of several janitors, and it is the player's job to clean up all evidence of the protest.

Level Briefings Edit


Given the nature of what occured at this department, we will keep this curt; clean up the residual fallout of the incident, or you shall find yourself in some very dark waters indeed..

See to it that the organic evidence, the failings of security 'personel' and the various "writings" are all scrubbed vigourously from existence!
I suggest, with utmost surety, that you do not in any way, however slight, disobey your instructions..

Respawn Brief Edit

It would seem a former colleague of yours has perished on the work-site under strange circumstances.

Therefore we are sending you in to replace them.
You are to take over the operation, and ensure the facility be sanitized without delay!
Make no mention of what you find. A lack of discretion will incur a harsh penalty.

Remember that you are under evaluation, and failure to perform an adequate cleanup will reflect very negatively on your record.

Caution is also advised, as unconfirmed reports suggest remaining employees may be potentially hostile.


Equipment Edit

Primary ObjectivesEdit

  • Common objectives to all levels: clean human blood splatters, incinerate viscera, dead bodies and trash, including protest signs and bullet casings.
  • Dispose of all Domestabots and robots, whether whole or in pieces.
  • Remove graffiti using vials of acid.
  • Fix all lightning scars and bullet holes.
  • Restock all First Aid Stations.

Secondary Objectives Edit

  • Stack crates in the designated area.
  • Stack barrels in the designated area.
  • Find all 28 PIDs, enter them into the Punchomatic, and fill out reports.

Data LogsEdit

Date: 03/12/2184
Time: 12:10 GST
Identification: Mr. Anderson
Title: Operations Manager

Yet again my department's falling behind because of this damn sanitation crew I have to work with.

They're getting increasingly stubborn when assigned to one of the many incidents that come through my office.
Things are getting fractious, I can feel it.

I know what the guidelines say about signs of "discontent", but I just don't have the time for a complete staff overhaul.

The numbers don't look good, so as long as they continue working, I'm not going to risk taking this higher up.

Date: 06/12/2184
Time: 13:45 GST
Identification: Adam Jefferson
Title: Office Worker

I had a rather...unpleasant encounter downstairs with one of those sanitation drones this morning.

The office bathroom was fully occupied after last night's office-party curry, forcing me to use the downstairs one.

This filthy guy in his overalls starts shouting at me, asking all sorts of things I didn't have the answers to, and throwing beer bottles at me.
How the hell did they get beer?

I really don't like those damn guys being so close to us up here.
Management must do something about this!

Date: 06/12/2184
Time: 16:32 GST
Identification: Elizabeth Whitehall
Title: HR Manager

What a day! First there was the aftermath of Mrs. Parawati's curry, and now I've had multiple reports of "run-ins" with the sanitation personnel.

Something is definitely up with them, and that does not bode well.
Ugh, I suppose I'll have to run this by their representative, Mrs. Fielder.
Ever since she was employed as liason, she's started to "identify" with the lot of them. It's highly irregular.

Well, I'll just have to bite the bullet and run this through her. She better get them in line before the higher-ups hear about this, or we're all in for it.

Date: 29/11/2184
Time: 09:31 GST
Identification: Mrs. Ruth Fielder
Title: Workforce Liason

It's been three months since my appointment as liason.
I was led to believe I'd be working with savages and degenerates, but it's just not true.

At first they were distrustful, but they soon opened up to me.
These people suffer, I see it day by day.
The work they do, it's horrible!
I can't imagine having to clean up an alien's digestive organs everyday, and without the slightest sympathy.

The rumored tale of "Bob" seems to have done much to inspire them lately.
I could hardly believe it at first, but it makes sense.

They've let me in on their secret. A plan to get management's attention. Something has to be done, I see that now...

Date: 09/12/2184
Time: 14:52 GST
Identification: Mrs. Ruth Fielder
Title: Workforce Liason

I think I've made a mistake, a terrible mistake.
Management hasn't come, and it's the third day already...

I shouldn't have thrown my lot in with these guys.
Management has no intention of giving us what we want.

I've been trying to mobilize everyone to secure the doors and stay alert, but they have no discipline.
I fear it'll make us easy pickings.

What the hell was I thinking! I'm even wearing their goddamn outfits for christ-sake!

Shit, there it is again. That noise...
Fuck it, I'm getting downstairs. It's way too exposed up here.

Notes GalleryEdit

Tips and Trivia Edit

  • Uprinsing was added with the v1.092 update. It introduced a new game mechanic: Graffiti which must be cleaned up with vials of acid.
    • The v1.092 update also introduced two new barrels, a new brown skin for the white cardboard box, a new skin for the metal crate, and a bottled beer called "Bloatenstein". These items can be found in Uprinsing and in The Office.
  • Uprinsing is one of 4 Levels in which the names on PIDs are not randomized.
  • One of the bullet holes in the central office is glitchy. Located just inside and to the right of the doorway, the bullet hole seems to require the player to aim the Laser Welder above and to the right of the bullet hole to weld it.

Image GalleryEdit