DLC-Horror Woodchipper-front

Front end of the woodchipper.

The woodchipper is an item-destroyer. In the House of Horror DLC, it is the primary replacement for the Incinerator found in most Viscera Cleanup Detail maps.

The woodchipper appears as a large rust-colored machine with a wide opening at one end that serves as the "input", and a tall exit chute at the back. The chute is aimed over a hedge and into the neighbour's yard. The "mouth" of the machine contains a shelf-like area with constantly-spinning grinder blades behind it. The player cannot interact with the woodchipper directly, as there are no movable parts or doors like the incinerator or airlock.

Any object placed into the grinder will get sucked into the machine, shake or rattle around heavily for a short period, and finally disappear into the machine between the blades. Shreds the general colouration of the item(s) can then be seen shooting out the woodchipper's exit vent.

Notes Edit

  • If bodies or viscera are placed in the woodchipper, there will be a gushing spray of blood toward the player (see gallery image). This effect is mainly visual, and does not create new messes. However, objects placed inside can be flung back out of the machine due to the violent shaking, and those do splatter where they land.
  • The woodchipper does not spawn new objects. Anything flying out of the machine is something that was placed there by the player.
  • Unlike the incinerator, the woodchipper can become covered in blood and other splatters. As of v1.092 (or earlier), the woodchipper is mostly self-cleaning. That is, most blood spatters on the interior of the "mouth" will fade and disappear over time on their own. Blood spatters closer to the outside of the "mouth" may need to be cleaned by the player.
  • Players were previously unable to jump into the woodchipper due to an invisible wall similar to the airlock invisi-wall in Zero-G Therapy. As of v1.092 (or earlier), players can jump into the woodchipper and be instantly killed.



The advertisement for the Woodchipper.

A vendor has a small chance of giving an advertisement for the Woodchipper instead of the desired item. The advertisement reads as follows:

BlackWheel Industrial Sanitation Inc.
Turning Hard Wood Into Soft Pulp!
Power, pure diesel fuelled wood rending power!
Tired of hauling branches, logs, old tyres and even bodies for miles just to get rid of them?
Well that ends now!

What you need is the ultimate tool; "Chuck Torrance's Diesel Deforester".
It'll tear anything you put in it into tiny little pieces.
So small, no one'll know what it was.
Order one today, boy!

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